Panic is Settling in…

We found out yesterday:

It’s a GIRL!
I knew it, B knew it. We weren’t surprised at all! I had two dreams that it would be a girl.. plus, out of the 10 or 12 kids that have been born to our friends in the last year all but 2 have been boys. Evolution said it would have to be a girl. 
She is a snuggle bunny, apparently. There is all kinds of room in my upper abdomen, but she is lodged snugly in my lower belly- and she is all jackknifed up. She has her hands AND her feet by her head. (this made attaining the measurements needed for my ultrasound pretty difficult for the tech. She also didn’t be have for my previous u/s at 12 weeks. Further proof that she is A) a girl and B) my kid).   Currently, she is butt down,  but has TONS of time to flip to head down. But, again, with my luck, I bet she winds up staying right as she is and I’ll have to have a c/s.’
Her position pretty much made it impossible to get any cute shots of her. I have one of her little foot, but that is about it. Maybe I will add pictures from my 12 week U/s to this post later, since she was much more into posing for the camera then…
More later when I’m not panicking over the idea of “it” being a “she!”

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