Movements of Baby S

I’ve been thinking about all the different movements that this lil one makes. This is probably NOT interesting to anyone besides me, but since I will one day feel nostalgic for pregnancy (supposedly) I figured I should type out these musings.

“The Twitch”

Ever have a random twitch in your thigh muscle? That is what this movement feels like. This is currently her most common movement. It is sort of fluttery, and this is what i feel, I’d say 80% of the time.

“The Roll”

@ least, that’s what I assume this feeling is. Sometimes I will get this slow, hardening sensation (but i know it isn’t a contraction b/c of the location) and then I will feel the “twitch” movement afterwards. I think she is rolling side to side or top to bottom when i feel this. This is currently the most rare movement.

“The Jab”

This is MUCH stronger than the “twitch”. The Jab is much more likely to be felt by outside observers (so far, outside of myself of course, only B has experienced feeling any movements by baby S). In fact, there have been a few “Jab’s” that were so strong they startled me! While I have been feeling the Jab for awhile now, it has been mainly fairly low. But in the last few days I’ve been feeling many more Jabs in my mid abdomen… so I think she has moved around some. I have a feeling as she gets bigger and the space around her gets smaller that the “Jab” will become the most frequent (and painful!) movement. But for now, this is about 15-20% of Baby S’s movements.

Of course all of these movements have much more detailed subcategories, but I am not yet observant enough to define them. 🙂


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