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Oops, has it been THAT long?

We’ve been busy, so I guess I better get cracking on telling you all the news in Smithland.

Here are some April Updates: (yes, I looked through my calendar to remember what we had been up to)

  • I failed my one hour glucose test 😦
  • But I passed the 3 hr!
  • Brian’s plant had an “outage” where the plant refuels (this is done every other year). This means that for about a month, Brian worked SOME hours nearly It was a bummer. 😦 But, it is FINALLY over (they got pretty behind!) and now it is strange to have him home “normal” time everyday! 🙂 I like it though!
  • I’m REALLY loving prenatal Yoga. I hope I will get into Yoga post baby as well. :o)

May Updates:

I came down to MD for a visit and my first {baby} shower. It was such an awesome trip! I arrived in Baltimore where Clare and Reese picked me up and we went to go see Clare’s wedding dress! SO exciting! We also looked at the Bridesmaid dresses that I can’t try on. :o) Clare treated me to a Mom-to-be pedicure which was also awesome!

We spent the next day at the Baltimore Zoo, which I had never been to! They have PENGUINS!! It was so fun! I really can’t remember ever going to a zoo that wasn’t the National Zoo, so it was fun to see a different set of animals. It was a pretty hot day though! I’m glad it was a relatively small zoo!! They had a baby elephant there who was SO cute!

My shower was the next day, and it was SO great getting to see everyone who came. There was SO much yummy food (and enough cake for Fusionites the next night!). It’s smart to have two best friends who love to cook… :o). Clare and Shani did a great job with the shower! Everyone was so generous- Baby Smith is already so loved! My two girlfriends from college stayed after for awhile so we could catch up, which was so nice!!! 🙂

Post shower, I stayed over at Shani’s house and we just relaaaaaaxed. It was SO nice to get to spend some time with her, and great to just sit by the pool after all the running around I had been doing. I wish I had a pool…

Shani then brought me to Fusion, where I hadn’t been for sooo long! It was so good to be back there again. I loved hearing Tim speak, and I got to see so many friends! (who, as I mentioned, enjoyed my shower cake leftovers!)

I went from Fusion to Josh and Genelle’s to hang out with them and baby E- though E was pretty much asleep the entire time I was there! (which his mama was thankful for I’m sure!) I had to leave eeeeeeeearly the next morning, so I didn’t get nearly enough time with my dear friends!

While home, I managed to eat Chick Fil A twice and Ledo’s Pizza 3x. (yes, yes, I had a very healthy weekend!). Seriously, Massachusetts needs to get these restaurants in my vicinity STAT. I’m getting hungry just writing about these!!

I feel like this blog is lacking. I used the terms “really fun” and “really nice” an awful lot. But, what can you do? I’m tired and my brain no longer works properly thanks to my insomnia…

I’ll add pictures in a separate post later!