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If only it were as easy as laying an egg…

The tale of the arrival of CBS is below…

I still can’t believe I get to keep this adorable baby!! 🙂
On Thursday, 7/9, I had my 39 week appointment. I was measuring 44 weeks! These measurements can be WILDLY inaccurate, but since it is all they have to go on, I went and got an ultrasound… She was measuring 8lbs 14oz, which was okay with midwife for the time being. I knew, however, that at my 40 week appointment they would probably want to induce me.

At church on Sunday, a few of my friends prayed for me to go into labor naturally and that i would be able to have her naturally. (People had been praying for me all along I’m sure, but this was the first time I was specifically getting prayer!)

On Monday, I went for a really long walk during the day… That evening, B was hanging out with a friend, so his friend’s girlfriend, Beth, and another friend of ours, Lindsey, went to get pedicure’s together. While getting my pedicure I realized i was having contractions that were stronger than the “Toni Braxton-Taylor Hicks” that i’d been having previously. (you can thank my brother for that joke!) Beth, Lindsey and I went to get ice cream in downtown plymouth and ended up going for another long (long for a 9 month pregnant person) walk. While we were there we bumped into some other people from church who said a little blessing for me. When I got home from hanging with the girls, I started timing my contractions. They were about 7 minutes apart (730ish), but really not that uncomfortable, so I wasn’t sure I was in labor. I didn’t even call B! I DID come home and finally finished packing our bags! Oops! 🙂

B got home around 930 and i still wasn’t sure I was in Labor! We tried to go to bed, but I was too restless, and I wanted to make sure he got sleep, so i got out of bed and went to the guest room. I still couldn’t sleep, so i called my midwife and let her know I thought i was in early labor, even though I wasn’t in pain yet. She told me she was on call for 7am, and that it didn’t seem like i’d need her before that anyway, but if i did, to call her again and she’d come in early. (which made me really happy b/c I really wanted her to be there when I delivered).

Really soon after I got off the phone with her, my contractions got more painful/intense, and they jumped to about 2-3 minutes apart. I continued to listen to my hypnobirthing recordings while taking a bath… that was helpful for a bit. I then was getting uncomfortable enough that I wanted B to help me. (plus, he needed to call work and let them know!). He came in and kept me company (i just didn’t want to be alone) while I stood with our shower massager pointing in my lower back. I started to feel nauseous, which when it happens, it *usually* means you are farther along. I was getting concerned that I wouldn’t be able to survive a car ride b/c I was so uncomfortable, so I had B pack up the car while i stayed in the shower. (Which, by the way, was cold by the time I got out and he was done packing… still felt better then labor without it!!)

I interrupt myself here to say that during our hypnobirthing class, we watched a video where a woman didn’t make a single sound until she actually pushed the baby out.

This was NOT me.

I was moaning with contractions while @ home… in the hospital I was definitely primal yelling during transition… And for those who know me, you know i don’t really swear. I definitely was swearing somewhat regularly under my breath! oops! (B finds this funny!)

Anyway, So we made it to the hospital (@ about 140 am), where we went in the entrance closest to L & D. Little did I know, @ that hour of the night, the door was LOCKED!! Again God showed us his favor… an angel (AKA Nurse who was on a smoke break!) was outside. She saw us and ran in and got me a wheelchair and wheeled me into L & D (she didn’t even work in L & D!)

I signed in to L&D (i could’ve been signing my life away, I had no idea!) I was totally in “the zone” then… I couldn’t really talk unless it was uber important, I was so focused. Even if I wanted to say something, I couldn’t!! The nurse pulled up the wrong “Smith” file (of course!) so she knew nothing about me. I told her all the pertinent info like I would if I was passing care to another nurse, so she kind of looked at me funny- but then I explained I was an L&D RN too! (later when I was PP that nurse asked me if i would work b/c they got slammed that night! LOL!) They put me on the monitor for my initial assessment…so i was really uncomfortable laying on my back. She checked me, and all the while I was thinking, if I am 3cm I’m getting the freakin epidural! Well, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I was already 6-7cm! Wahoo! I did try to drink a sip of gatorade at this point, which I saw again a few minutes later… so i only did ice water after that!

Of course, my rejoicing was quite limited, b/c my back was KILLING me. At this point I realized that the ONLY pain I was having was in my back. The baby was OP or “sunny side up”, meaning that she was facing the wrong way for delivery. This usually means that your back hurts during labor. For me, it also meant that I could. not. move. Every time I changed positions, my contractions seemed a hundred times worse. The nurse (I had a new one) came in and convinced me to get in the tub. I was too hot in the bath, but it felt really good too. I was able to take some pressure off my back by sort of floating and pushing my hips together (I read this early in my labor in my hypnobirthing packet… it was the only thing i read during the glad i did!) She had B pour water over my belly, which sounded REALLY strange to me, but somehow, it was SO nice. It REALLY helped!

Speaking of Brian, he was so great! He was saying all the relaxation prompts from our class. I wanted to tell him that he was really helping me, but like I said, I couldn’t talk! He would often say something when I was yelling and it made me relax enough to be able to stop my primal scream. I was so thankful that we took our class and that he was there!! I couldn’t have done it without him. In fact, shortly before I was starting to push, he wanted to go to the bathroom. But I couldn’t handle the idea that he was going to leave the room. He ended up holding it for like 2hrs! What a guy!

So then, the tub got too cold, and i wanted to get out, but i was still scared to move! The nurse came in and helped me out Nurses are amazing, I was wondering how in the world I’d be able to dry off.. but she was right there! (she dried me off while I held onto the toilet b/c i couldn’t stand on my own… i was so grossed out that i was holding a toilet, but i didn’t care at the same time!)

She offered me some medicine called Nubain which is a non narcotic given as a shot to help take the edge off. I wanted to go completely med free, but she pointed out that i wasn’t able to relax even in between contractions (My back was aching even in between contractions, so I was pretty much in tears during my “breaks” and then screaming during contractions), which wasn’t going to help things along. I knew I really needed to just be able to have a moment without pain, so I decided to take the nubain. Well, they don’t like to give it to you if you are too far along (it can make the baby drowsy), and low and behold, I was 9 cm! She said she could give me a very small dose (like half the normal) through my iv (instead of a shot). I decided to take it and it REALLY helped. The contractions were farther apart now, so the little break i was finally able to get allowed me to close my eyes for a minute or two. Don’t get me wrong, the contractions still REALLY hurt, but at least i had a break!! Brian was also able to sit for a few minutes without me whimpering and begging him to stand by my head!

I had lost all sense of time until i looked at my window shade and saw that it was getting light out. About this time is when my midwife arrived (and also the nubain had worn off..). She checked me and said i was completely dilates and that the baby was low (plus one station) and that I could push if i wanted to. But i had NO desire to push AT ALL. It was SO weird b/c I’ve told people, seen people, heard from people about the incredible, undeniable urge to push. I figure that my back pain was so bad that it was masking the urge to push. Anyway, she asked if she could break my water to see if that made me want to push. (I had wanted to avoid that, but at that point I was fine with it!!). It didn’t help. I tried to push anyway, (this was at about 740 am), but i wasn’t really sure when to do it b/c all i could feel was constant back pain… So eventually the nurse and midwife started to tell me when to push. I was so determined at that point to get the back pain to stop that I pushed really really hard and they said that they saw her turn to the correct position (she was born LOA). I kept saying “I can’t do this” b/c I still didn’t really feel like I knew when to push!! Brian kept saying, “You’re definitely doing it! I can see more and more of her head & hair every time you push!!” I was in denial that they were really seeing it, b/c I didn’t feel like i was doing anything!

Then i felt the FIRE when her head was about to come out. I let out QUITE the choice phrase, (loudly this time, as opposed to the rest of my labor where i swore under my breath), which i think made everyone in the room kind of chuckle under their breath. I felt the top of her head, but I was still sure that there was NO way I was going to be able to get the baby out.

But after the next push, everyone told me her head was out! I couldn’t believe it. I had a little more trouble getting her shoulders out, but then she came out at 8:42 am, which means i pushed for less than an hour!

I was still stunned with her on my belly. I felt like i wasn’t done yet!! But finally it sunk in that she was here! 🙂 Eventually B cut the cord and i delivered the placenta. The midwife was getting called into assist with a c-section so the doctor came in to stitch me up faster. She was SO much more rough than the midwife when she was numbing me up. But, I was REALLY numb when they stitched me, so I didn’t mind! 🙂

We are so totally in love. She is perfect! She is a nursing champ and sleeps pretty well, so we can’t complain! And, she is so freakin cute!

I think that is it! If you read this whole thing, Wow! 🙂