Biggest Loser!

No, I’m not referring to my high school self in the title. (But speaking of high school, uhm, my ten year reunion will be next year! Yikes!) Some friends of mine are doing a “biggest loser” competition. Although I’ve never watched the show, I could use the accountability to lose my “baby” weight. (aka “eat-whatever-i-want-to-because-i’m-pregnant-weight”…), so I joined up!

Then I remembered my friend from college, Heather, did some sort of competition with her husband. (I think, I could be making this up, LOL). So I challenged B to the Smith Biggest Loser Competition (SBL). The picture above is a good “goal” picture for us. Pre-post-wedding, post-moving and living in a hotel only eating out for 2.5 months- weight gain! :)The timing will be the same as my other competition. I think BL with my buddies ends 11/13/09, which is when the SBL will also end. I need to figure out what my prize will be (besides a new wardrobe! I threw out a lot of my too small clothes today!), if I win. Any ideas?

We weigh in on Fridays, so check back each Friday/Saturday/when i get around to it, but hopefully weekly, to see who’s winning!

We both have a good bit to lose, but we won’t post our weights, just percentages. 🙂 I have a small advantage because I am breastfeeding, but seeing as how that hasn’t really helped me drop the weight yet, I don’t think it is a real advantage! 🙂 Brian has a gym membership (I can’t go till C is 6 months old and can be in childcare), so that’s his advantage! But C and I are going walking everyday!!

Wish us luck!


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