Traveling with Tiny Tonk

C’s nickname from her southern-style grandparents is Tiny Tonk. This comes from B’s Uncle, who calls B’s Mom (did you follow that?!) ” Tonkins”, so C is “Little Tonk”, but “Tiny Tonk” has better alliteration. So what better to go with “Traveling” than “Tiny Tonk”! She’s QUITE the traveler. We finally had a traveling mishap- it was bound to happen eventually. It made me VERY thankful that i have such a good baby!

We traveled to the southern style Grandparents for Thanksgiving. We used a voucher, so we didn’t get to pick a convenient flight time, nor a direct flight. Our flight originally was taking off after C’s bedtime, so when it got delayed, I got really worried. But She did GREAT, and ended up only taking a 20 minute nap on the plane at about 10pm. Fortunately for us, our lay over was near our good friends K&C. K picked us up from the airport (she even did some sleuthing to figure out when our flight was coming in, bc my phone died so i couldn’t call her!). We thought we could just live without changing our clothes, until we realized we had checked our carseat! So we had to wait around for that…by the time we got to K&C’s & got tiny tonk in bed, it was 1230 (6hrs later than normal!) and she had only slept 20 minutes. She slept in a suitcase (thanks to MckMama for the idea!) where she slept great! I was expecting several wake ups, but instead, (unfortunately!) we had to wake HER up to make our AM flight.

She again did great with us toying with her schedule. She made it to the South & then did well 2 hour ride to Nan and GP’s. She finally had a freak out at 5pm (when we were planning to put her to bed early- apparently we were just a few minutes behind when she wanted to go to bed!) She cried (and by cried, I mean full out screamed & wailed) during her entire bath, for the first time since she was 1 week old. She has always loved her bath and it usually calms her down (hence why we went for it!). Yah, that didn’t work out so well! But she did go down easily and didnt get up till the morning! Yay!

She’s transitioned just fine down in the south. I was worried about her sleeping in our room and whether or not she would take naps, but she’s done great! She loves all the attention (she’s so happy to have someone other than me to look at!). Grandma Jean (i’m still rooting for Gigi for her grandma name) got her a pop a tot for christmas & i had it shipped to my in law. (thanks Jen! she posted about it here). She’s definitely small for it, but she loves it! The first few days it took her a bit to get used to it, but now she sits in it for quite awhile. The idea is that she could stand, but she can’t touch the bottom! But she is able to sit back in it (kind of like a baby swing) and enjoy her toys for awhile.

I’m SO glad we got this! It’s allowed me to get to play several rounds of Settlers of Catan (a game i got B for Christmas, but gave him early so we could play with his fam on Thanksgiving). I’m a total addict now! 🙂 if your family likes games, i recommend it!

Thanksgiving here was very yummy and full of fun (Catan!) and FOOTBALL. I love football, grew up watching NFL but never college. Well if you like College football (as B’s family does) Thanksgiving is your Football WEEK. I actually ended up being a bit “footballed out” by the end of the weekend!

Nan has taught me to make bows, and i am SO thankful cause I was going to go broke buying them for C! (she needs to grow hair ASAP!) We are going to perfect bow making later today I think! Yay! And then we are going to try to make C a little shift dress! Yay for craftiness. I’ll be posting pictures if it turns out well! 🙂

We had our first ever diaper “explosion”, on our Thanksgiving outfit, only minutes after we put it on her! We didnt even have time to get a picture! We put it on her again to go out to the market & B snapped a quick pic. I’ll upload it when we get home!

Nan and GP are impressed with how much C has grown in just a month! She is really playing with her toys, smiling at them and at us more… she is so interactive now! Her newest “trick” is that she has started grabbing at the pages of books when we read to her! It seems like she is turning the page & it is so cute! She’s also always chewing on her fingers and toys. No teeth bumps yet, but we will be on the lookout! 🙂

I can’t seem to post pictures from B’s Computer, so don’t forget to go to our Photo site to see some recent pictures of Tiny Tonk!

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