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Update on Me!

Mostly I know everyone checks in here to see how cute C is getting. However, since I did post about our new weight loss regime, I will go ahead and do a 6 week update! Since January 7th, I’ve lost 11 pounds (as of Feb 20)! My hope to be back to pre-pregnancy weight by the time she is 9 months old is definitely becoming a realistic reality! While that is still pretty far above my ultimate goal weight, I’m still pretty excited about it.

I’m a pretty big snacker, so my big challenge is finding things I want to nibble on that aren’t too bad for me, or limiting the really bad (good!) stuff to it’s ACTUAL portion size. It’s really working for me to count out how many pretzels or wheat thins I’m going to eat, rather than mindlessly reaching into the box.

I’m also getting “into” running again. For me, once i am at the point I’m at now (actually able to run) it’s pretty enjoyable. I’m considering signing up for a 9K in May, but I need to raise a 1000$ to do it. (Proceeds go to local veterans and victims of traumatic brain injury. Let me know if you’d be willing to sponsor me- I’m still about 500 away from being able to sign up!). If I can’t do this particular 9K, I’m pretty sure I will sign up for something, just so that I have something to shoot for.

Hopefully C stops waking up during her naps soon so I can get a longer run in! (I find it hard to focus when she’s babbling on the monitor!)


opposite of a super-mom…

C’s been having a rough week with her teething, or who knows what else is getting at her… but it’s been rough. And the other night she was inconsolable. Neither B nor I could calm her, we pulled out all the stops. She wouldn’t even nurse. I was really upset that not only was my baby screaming in my ear, but that i no longer was capable of soothing all her pains. It used to be that nursing could cure all evil.

What did I think, I could nurse her through her first bump on her head after falling off her bike? That I could nurse her through her first fat lip, first stitches, or first heart break?

Obviously not.

But, it was still difficult to have the realization that i could not and will not be able to ease her pain.

But with great relief I realized I’m glad that that responsibility is His alone. He is always there for all of us, with the ability to soothe even our worst pain (even worse than teething. 🙂 . We just need to call on Him. I’m looking forward to the opportunities I will have to point C to Him in her pain. Thank you for your reliability Father!

7 Months Old!

We had a little photo shoot with B’s new photography lights for C’s 7 Month birthday- enjoy! 🙂

Big developments this month. Besides continuing to grow even more cute (it IS possible!), she now sits unassisted (but I still supervise as when she gets tired or overly excited by a toy she is still wobbly!), has TWO (sharp!) teeth poking through, is still unable to consciously roll from tummy to back, but knows that screaming will eventually get mummy or daddy. Blowing lots of Rasberries creates a need for a lot of wardrobe changes (fortunately, she has PLENTY to wear!).
She has figured out how to initate/play peekaboo, which is really fun! It cracks us up when we aren’t paying attention to her and then we catch her playing peekaboo with, well, no one! Here’s a video of a little peekaboo action:

We’ve discovered her first food that she doesn’t LOVE is green beans. (I don’t blame her- i wouldn’t like them without some salt or something either!!) However, green beans are palatable if mixed with a little breastmilk and cereal (okay, so that’s not how i like them!). Her food selection is still quite limited, but I’m still really enjoying making her food. Here’s what’s on C’s menu at 7 Months:

  • rice cereal
  • oatmeal
  • carrots
  • apples
  • pears
  • avocado
  • peas
  • green beans (a la mum)
  • banana
  • sweet potato

And, as of yesterday she can give me a high 5! Still doesn’t wave buh bye, but gives me a high 5!

She made her first art project with Mum- some Valentine’s for her special someone’s. (we had a play date valentine’s party!)

We had a rough week last week with the teeth, but it seems like things are back to normal now that they aren’t bothering her as much anymore. She’s still the most awesome thing ever! 🙂

She sits unassisted! (Very Temporarily!)


So C is doing really well with eating solid food. It’s been really fun introducing new foods to her each week. So far she’s had peas, carrots, apples, avacado and cereals. I want to save money, and feel good about taking advantage of my time at home with her, so I’m making baby food.

And for some reason, making babyfood makes me feel like Super Mom. I have no idea why. But, last night I was cranking out batches of food and I felt so empowered.

For what it’s worth, I don’t make the peas (ew! Though she LOVES them!), so I don’t have anything against jarred food. But this was my supermom moment, last night.

This post from MckMama was what got me thinking about my SuperMom moment, and I couldn’t come up with one when she wrote it.. but now I have it!!