I did it, I did it!

Yeah!! I reached my pre-pregnancy weight! While it’s not a great weight for me, certainly not where I’d like to be, I’m very excited to have reached my mini goal. “Nine months on, 8.5 months off!” Wahoo!

I’ve also dropped 4 sizes (in the Gap) since October, which means since 2007 I have been 10 different sizes at the Gap! (Not including Maternity!) LOL. I’m excited to get closer to those lower sizes before I jump into pregnancy pants again. I’m so glad to have lost the 5oish lbs (yes, I’m coming clean that I gained about 50lbs while pregnant). And though I birthed an 8lb 11oz child, I only lost about 10 pounds post delivery and lost another 5 in the first few weeks home. I was not fortunate enough to have the weight melt off me while breastfeeding. The weight I’ve lost has mostly to do with my eating habits (thank you weight watchers!) and the rest is from just trying to increase my workouts/exercise. I’ve been off the exercise wagon the last month or so due to traveling and C’s (and therefor mine!) sleep issues. But I cannot WAIT to get our jogging stroller so that C and I can start hitting the road despite her lack of naps. 🙂

So, I still have about 20-25 to lose to be where I’d LOVE to be, but I’m aiming to just keep losing and being healthy until we decide to have baby #2. The lighter I am before becoming pregnant again, the healthier I’ll be.

And I’m vowing not to eat nearly as much ice cream this time!


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