C is 10 Months Old!

Which means I’m freaking out! I can’t believe she’s in the double digits. And that I’m starting to plan her first birthday party! eep. Daddy was unable to take C’s 10 month pictures on the actual DAY she turned 10 months, so Mum gave it a go. Which proved to be very difficult with a baby who is on the go while she is awake. She is NOT one to lay still (which makes diaper changes a tiring challenge). Therefor, this solo photo shoot resulted in our first real good bump on the noggin. There were only a few tears, thank goodness!She is now a great crawler. She used to stick pretty much to the room I was in, but now she is making her way around the house. We are in need of some baby gates ASAP! Fortunately, she is kind of timid and definitely not into EVERYTHING. (Just, ALMOST everything!). She can and will pull up, but doesn’t cruise just yet. She almost seems afraid! She will pull up on something, but then check to make sure I’m still close enough for her to grab on to. It’s pretty cute, actually. 🙂 She definitely WANTS to stand and pull up more than she will actually attempt. She often will be crawling and then pick up her knees and do “downward dog” while lifting up one hand, so she is trying to be upright, she’s just nervous!She definitely still has book preferences. She loves “Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you hear” (every parent’s fav…NOT), and a few others. But her selection is definitely limited. She won’t let me read my favorite, “Guess How Much I Love You”… I guess she already knows how much I love her! 🙂She claps and waves all the time still. She doesn’t have any words, though she said “Bah” yesterday at the appropriate “Bye Bye” time.. so I think we are getting closer. She also will say something close to “water” and “that” or “this” occasionally. We will see!Naps are pretty consistent these days, Thank Goodness. She definitely does NOT like to nap in the car, and so we are tied to home a lot of the time, but a well rested baby is worth it! So much easier to deal with. When she is tired now, she gets to be even MORE clingy and needing Mummy. Which is sweet, but also draining!! We are still nursing 4x a day most days. Not sure when the transition away from that will be started… But I’m so thankful to have made it this long!

She’s eating great, I’d say about 80% regular table food. I give her all kinds of cooked veggies and soft fruits. The only thing she hasn’t really taken to is Raspberries! (though she will eat raspberry yogurt). She mostly feeds herself, but sometimes needs Mum to get her started. She loves meatballs, chicken and turkey burgers. I hope she keeps up this eating! (Though I’m sure things will change once she learns “No!”). It’s funny how sometimes if you give her something likes, if it is unexpected, she will spit it out. But then, she will eat it a second later. Silly Girl.

Alright I better go and clean up the living room before she wakes up from nap one! Crap, i think I just heard her stir on the monitor… 🙂


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