In other news…

C cruised today! She’s been getting slightly less scared of standing & holding an object (she’s actually standing with objects other than me!) and has even pulled herself up to her playtable on her own a few times! Today, she cruised from one side of it to the other (motivated by trying to reach a basket of laundry, of course!) Very exciting to see her gain courage!

She’s eating like a champ, but is a mystery sometimes- Today, wouldn’t pick up carrots, but if i fed them to her off a spoon, she would eat them! There are many of these funny little quirks that change day to day with her eating… I wonder who she got these quirks from? 🙂

She still LOVES to swing, and I’m itching to get one at our house set up for her, she loves it so much! I think we will have to head to the park today! We went to the park on Saturday and met another baby her age- she LOVED sitting next to the little girl and exchanging toys back and forth. I’m looking forward to a lot of fun park days this summer! (also, love that the local parks for me, are on the OCEAN! How cool is that? 🙂

Poor B is still recovering from getting his wisdom teeth out, so he’s on the same sort of diet as C!
Hopefully he will be feeling better soon!!

This is from our Family 5 Miler we did the day before Mother’s Day. I’ll spare you the one of me crossing the finish line, but there is one the photographer snapped of the three of us!

This is a picture filled post! Here are some of the other pictures I considered for my contest entry. I ultimately went with the one in the post below because of her expression. Some of these pictures are definitely more “Yellow” though, so it was tough! I love this yellow hat, I’m sure we will be seeing many more pictures all summer long!


One response to “In other news…

  1. She is DARLING! And where is that hat from? Love it!

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