11 Months!

In less than a month, I will have a one year old. CRAAZY. I will still refer to her in months so that I will feel better. 🙂

Welcome to the new blog! Please let me know what you think! If you currently use blogger, I highly suggest looking into wordpress if you are irritated by the annoying way to insert pictures etc into your posts. WordPress has more features and is much more user friendly, in my opinion!

Anyway, I’m a bit late with this because she turned 11 Months when we were visiting friends in PA. We had SUCH an awesome time and were completely blessed by them. I can’t wait to go back! 🙂 They have four kids and live to tell about it. 🙂 Seriously, it was so encouraging to see that it IS manageable. Plus, my dear friend was such an encouragement in the Lord to me… it was very good for my spirit/soul/marriage/motherhood. I’m still processing it all. 🙂

We managed to hit up both of our colleges in one weekend:

So, we are still working on several teeth. Girlfriend has them busting out left and right. She’s in decent spirits most of the time though. However, I will be glad when they are all in!

She’s getting more and more sounds, it’s pretty fun. When we were driving to PA she cracked herself up by going ” HA. HA. HAhahahaa”. It was wicked cute and writing about it won’t do it justice. I’ll have to try and video it if she does it again! This week her favorite noise is “Yeaah” or “yeaahp”. It’s SO cute, it really sounds like she’s  answering a question (though I’m sure she isn’t yet understanding that!). She also likes to imitate tongue clicking this week. So cute, especially how proud she is of herself!

We’ve been enjoying the great weather and we’ve braved the beach a few times now. She really seems to love it. She loves the sand (loves to eat it, much to my dismay!) and she loves to watch the other kids on the beach. I think she loves the water too, but it’s  definitely more hit and miss. If she’s at all fussy, she doesn’t want to be in the water. But today the water was actually quiet warm and she sat there for a long time playing in the wet sand! (she did NOT, however, enjoy the hose down she needed post-beach to get all the sand off!) She slept in the car for nearly an hour and a half though and went right to sleep tonight! Just another reason to LOVE the beach!

And just about a month ago she started cruising, only a step or two? Forget it! She’s full on cruising around absolutely everything, pulling up on to anything she can possibly get herself on. She definitely is *thinking* about climbing onto things, but hasn’t yet ventured into doing that! She even sometimes lets go and manages to stay up for a minute or two. It won’t be long before she is running, I’m sure!

Still eating great! Fruits, veggies, meat, spicy, bland… pretty much anything we throw her way, she’ll eat it. She’s been drinking cow’s milk in addition to nursing 4x a day and doing great with that as well. Only thing that’s “tough” is that she won’t hold her own cup! She CAN hold it, but to hold it and drink from it properly- i think she CAN but would just prefer me to “help” her.

Speaking of preferences, she has learned how to communicate them. It’s via ear piercing screech. Oh. Joy. I’m trying to reinforce the baby signs and save my eardrums but it doesn’t seem to be working! ouch!

Overall, she is just as happy as can be. She doesn’t always sleep well, but you’d never know it by her demeanor. (well, HARDLY ever. Some good friends in PA put up with quite the fussy baby at dinner one night, but that’s fairly rare around here!). I’m such a proud mama. I can hardly believe it’s been almost a year! 

I promise to post more pictures from our trip and Father’s Day soon. 🙂


2 responses to “11 Months!

  1. Hello friend!
    Thank you so much for your encouraging card (that I got on Monday- a VERY discouraging day!) and for your kind words here too. We loved having you two here as well, and I loved being able to hang out with you and just really talk about life, mothering, being a wife, and following Jesus. We are definitely kindred spirits!:)
    Would love to talk more soon…sometime after our babies are asleep.
    Much love to you!

  2. And hello new moo points! I like the new blog! 🙂

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