C’s Eating Habits…

Two posts in two days… I know… it’s craziness! Just a really short one, just a funny little thing she does and I realized I had never shared about it.

C is pretty efficient at feeding herself (yay!)…but it does make the lack of cup holding more mystifying… anyway, she eats pretty much everything off of her highchair tray. Blueberries, Peas, chunks of taco, etc. But she almost always feeds herself with her left hand (neither of us are left handed) and in her right hand, she holds a “reserve” piece. She needs at least three pieces on the tray when you first start feeding her, because she immediately starts shoveling it in, but also REALLY wants to have her reserve piece. You’d think we never feed her by the way she fusses if she doesn’t have some on the tray, some in her mouth, and her reserve. So weird, right? LOL. Sometimes I find she’s held on to her reserve cheerio until after she is out of her high chair! And usually it’s still that first piece we gave her!

So that’s today’s funny little C tidbit.


6 responses to “C’s Eating Habits…

  1. Maybe she’s like Elaine and Sami – they always pick out their “Last Bite” to ensure the last thing they eat is something they like the most.

  2. haha! I do that with french fries. But it’s more of a greedy “katie doesn’t share fries” kinda thing 😉

  3. This is too funny! Atta girl… saving some in case of emergency. Remind me to tell you the story of my food storing niece. Not nearly as cute, and actually quite gross, but absolutely hilarious.

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