Almost a year…

in less than two weeks, C will be turning one! I’ve really tried to sit back and enjoy this time and treasure every moment… and even still, it went way too fast! I keep trying to freeze her at the age she is…fortunately she just keeps getting better and better, so I don’t mind the growing up AS much…

July 14 will mark many other things too.. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately I’d like to post more on. For now, a list… 🙂

One year of:

  • being a family of three.
  • being a mom.
  • exclusively breastfeeding
  • learning to be needed all the time
  • cloth diapering
  • realizing my selfishnesss
  • fun, fun, fun!
  • growth-vast changes in both C and me, I think!
  • parenting

Obviously some things on the list are deeper than others. I think it is pretty amazing how much not only a baby changes in their first year, but parents as well. We will (hopefully!) have more children, but we will never experience the first year of parenthood again. (Thank goodness!). But the second year is coming up fast! Not sure we are ready! I feel like we both can trust our instincts so much more than we could when she was a tiny little thing. I’m no longer pouring over every sleep book I can find (though I do solicit advice and pull them out from time to time in hopes of finding more sleep!).  I used to really struggle when leaving C with anyone, even B. That’s gotten so much better. I know that B (and anyone we trust) can handle it. I still think of her/them while I’m out, but I no longer need to call and check in! I’m even getting ready to go away for a few nights without her, and later, without her or B! (I plan on reading all of the Twilight books in 2 days when I’m away…good use of time, right?).

Sometimes I DO long for the days when she was a little lump, not getting in to anything. But then my friends of newborns remind me of the countless diaper changes, the up all nights, and the bleary eyed early mornings and I am happy with where we are! 🙂

I will be writing more on some of these topics, hopefully writing them down here will help me to remember all the things I want to say! 🙂


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