Happy Birthday! Part One

My baby is one. I totally, absolutely can’t believe it. She is SO much fun right now! I think I can say she has about 5 words: mama, dada, ball (ba!), more, milk (mama, more and milk are all “muh” but i can tell the difference by the context.). She does the sign for more and milk regularly now, and seems to be doing “all done” as well. We’re so proud of her!  At one year and one day old, she decided to go ahead and learn to climb. She climbed our entire flight of stairs on the first try! Eek! Fortunately, she still waits (for now!) for one of us to be behind her before she starts climbing! 

On her actual birthday we had a nice breakfast with Nan and GP (B’s parents) before going on a whale watch together with my mom. It turned out to be a kind of rough day on the seas… We all were feeling a tad woozy. We saw a lot of whales and got really excellent views of them, it was awesome. But we had to ride quite a ways in fairly choppy waters to get to the whales. (Warning, the next part is not for the squeamish!) And it was a long ways back as well. I had C in my  carrier, and she seemed as happy as could be, when all of a sudden she upchucked. In my carrier. All over me, her, in my shirt, EVERYWHERE. SO GROSS. We got as cleaned up as we could, but I ended up needing to sit outside for most of the way back because the smell was enough to make ME want to get sick also. I am just so, very, very, thankful that she wasn’t upset at all by getting sick. She just let it all out and was fine. It would have been SO MUCH WORSE if she had been crying and fussing the rest of the way back- it was probably about 2 hours! So, it was a very memorable birthday indeed!

We did come home and have a little cake for her after dinner. And just in time, her present arrived that evening- we got her a little chair of her own. She got right down and sat in it! She loves climbing on it!

I’m just such a happy mama. I can’t wait to see what this year brings!


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