Happy Birthday, Part Two!

Yay! We had a big party! I think it was successful. I really hope that everyone had a great time. We had a a French/Paris theme because her birthday is Bastille Day. It worked out nicely because my mother-in-law LOVES Paris and all things french, so we had a lot of accessories already!

I really wanted to make my own cake, even though I had never baked a cake before or made my own frosting (or even SEEN anyone do that!). I did a few practice cakes, and thanks to my friend Beth, I was able to frost the cake! I let Beth do the writing because I don’t have good handwriting in Pen- let alone in frosting! But I did do the Eiffel tower and I frosted the cake (and cupcakes!) themselves.

I did however, for some reason, think the party was an hour later than it actually was! Fortunately we were pretty ready, but it did mean I had messed up with my plans for C’s nap. She ended up not getting an afternoon nap AT ALL and she did SO WELL. I was so proud of her. She loved everyone singing to her, and when they clapped after the singing she was so excited and was clapping back!

She was very tentative with the cupcake, putting only one finger in at first. (So CUTE!). But once she determined that pink frosting, is indeed edible, she dove right in! Definitely seemed to be a hit, which makes me happy. She played with everyone and went to everyone easily, which was great.

She also had her one year check up and she is doing great. She weighed almost 21 pounds (20lb 15oz) and was 29.7-29.8 inches long. She didn’t LOVE her shots, but the fussing was relatively short. Then we had to make our way down the stairs to get blood drawn. I was nervous, especially right after her shots. BUT, they had a little dancing/singing snowman and she didn’t cry at all because she was so distracted by him! I love that snowman! 🙂

Birthday celebration isn’t QUITE over yet, we are having a little play date get together next week which will be lots of fun.
It’s been such a fun year!

I’ve reflected a lot recently and one thing I can’t stop thinking is how much fun she is now. I always thought I would enjoy my time with a newborn more than any other stage. Nope. I think that she is SO much fun right now, it makes me not want to do the newborn thing again! 🙂 So surprising.

Just Edited to add one more pic. 🙂


4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Part Two!

  1. Aw! Looks like you all had a great time. Love the cake and cupcakes! You did an awesome job on the Eiffel Tower! Happy Birthday to C!

  2. Looks like you all had a lovely day. Well done on that cake, it looked amazing!

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