14 Months!

a bit late, as usual. 🙂

she’s so much fun right now, I hardly know where to begin. She is taking lots of steps when at home, but definitely prefers to crawl. It’s fun seeing her take more and more steps. But mama and dada are getting impatient! More and more we are seeing progress, so fingers crossed!

takin a few steps w/ night night bear

My girl is verbose for a 14 month old though! seems like everyday she’s got a new word! Lately, the most fav word is “no”. (every mother’s dream). She has replaced words she USED to know with No. She shouts “no” at her dog, at me. “No” currently means : Mama, more, i want that, gimme it, etc. AAAAAAh.

In the last few days we’ve been working on animal sounds. She’s picked up quite a few! If I say: C, what does the …{Sheep, dog, lion, horse, monkey,  cow (sometimes), and train (I know it’s not an animal!) }say, she knows the answer! She will say them on a semi-regular basis. (If she’s in the mood, she will say them, so I think that counts as knowing them!).I’ve tried to pick it up on video, but she hasn’t been in the mood when the camera is rolling. 🙂

It’s a lot of fun right now because she’s doing and saying new things all the time! She knows where her nose, mouth, and belly are. I think maybe ears too. She loves hugging and kissing her stuffed animals (Especially night night bear). The last few mornings she has been asking to hold a different stuffed animal when she wakes up in the am… so cute! She got her first shoes- and has since been saying “shoe” fairly often. She loves when I sing songs (finally a captive audience!) and always requests “baa baa black sheep” as soon as I start singing anything (she says ba, ba, ba). Whenever she sees a bottle, she thinks it contains “MUHCK” (milk). This can be problematic when the bottles are empty and for sale in a store and mummy has no “Muhck” with her! Fortunately she hasn’t (yet!) started with the true temper tantrums…She loves handing us stuff, but I’m not yet sure what she expects me to do when I recieve it…

Handing mama "night night bear"

She also is often found learning about gravity… she yells “uh oh” just before dropping/throwing things..funny except during meals…

Speaking of meals…oh my goodness. My formerly good eater has discovered that she doesn’t have to eat anything and everything. She may just waste away at the rate that she is currently (NOT) eating. I have my fingers crossed that her appetite will come back after this teething/cold/runny nose goes away…

I’m sure there is more adorableness that I’m forgetting to mention. Hopefully I’ll be posting a bit more regularly soon, and therefor I’ll be better with the remembering of stuff. 🙂


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