15 Months!

As usual, I’ve been slacking, but I’m pretty sure the 5 people who probably read this won’t mind. C JUST turned 15.5months…!

First of all, YAY! SHE IS WALKING!! So exciting! We spent a week in the OBX (so much fun!) with my family, including C’s older cousin (also a C 🙂 ). I knew this would be a good influence on C and I was right- she walked here and there a bit before we left, but still pretty rarely. After seeing her cousin walk around, she steadily increased walking more and more and I have finally declared her “a walker!” (for my own memory’s sake, I’m saying she walked at about 14.75 mos). She only crawls now if she’s in a REAL hurry & is trying to run, loses her balance, and still needs to hurry- then she crawls. But more and more I am seeing her pick herself back up and try to run again! While most people say “oh, now you are really in trouble”– I disagree. She was always wanting to be crawling around anyway- but walking is much more socially acceptable when we are outside our home. I’m relieved that now I can let her walk around the Old Navy or whatever, know what I mean? (Of course I mean supervised. We aren’t quite ready for the texting while trolling the mall stage yet…eep!).  Anyway, it’s super exciting and oh so cute to watch her toddle around.

Also while at the beach she has learned to start giving kisses, which is awesome. She is pretty free with kisses though, and is willing to kiss strangers if she’s in the “kissing mood”. That’s something else to work on before the teenage years! I think she may have even blown a kiss last night!

Her animal noises now include: baa, neigh, moo, woof, roar (and non animal): choo-choo, sometimes she will “woo woo” for fire truck. 🙂 We’ve also gotten an occasional “EEEE -EE” (monkey- she definitely knows the word monkey though!) as well as “hoo” for owl.

She learned the word apple (though she says”bap-ple” which is adorable). Not so adorable is the ability to scream”apple”  in the grocery store as soon as she sees them AND until I give her one. Oy. I no longer can shop the front half of my grocery store- one side is “bapples” and the other side is “BOON”. (balloons).

She’s cute, but noisy. 🙂

I was all excited today at story time (we’ve been going for a few months now) because she seemed to sit still for the first time. Well, that lasted about 5 minutes. Fortunately this story time is designed for the coming and going of toddlers. But why is my kid the only one who comes and goes? (it seems?). I think she is amongst the youngest there, but something tells me it’s going to be a long time before she actually sits still for story time!

Since i waited so long to finsh this post, I’m getting to include some halloween pictures. I tried to teach her to say “ARRR” but it didn’t really happen. But she did LOVE being dressed up (to my surprise she left on her hats!) and she LOVED the trick or treaters coming to the door! We hit a few houses just to say hi to the neighbors. It was a very fun night, I’m so glad we were finally home on Halloween!

PS- I’m pretty proud of my costume putting together skills. all 3 of us were dressed for around 20$! I made C’s tu-tu using this tutorial . I can’t wait to make more! It was SO EASY! It seriously took me an hour or so!


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