B is for Awesome, C is for Cuteness.

I actually have time and energy to blog! What?

S is for Sleep! C has been sleeping wonderfully for the last week or so! It’s amazing and has really brought life to me (mainly because I’ve had time to read my bible, which has been amazing!). Minus a few dark days thanks to the end of DST (sunset was at 4:28?!), we’ve been doing well around here. My amazing husband has really dedicated himself to serving me in one area that I REALLY neeeded it: dishes.

Oh how I LOATHE doing the dishes. I don’t mind a lot of other tasks I do over and over in a day (putting toys away, changing diapers, laundry even). But when I wake up in the morning and come down to last night’s dishes..I get depressed. And worse, I then don’t want to do the dishes from breakfast because it’s too overwhelming.. and then it just gets worse. So I happen to mention how much it makes my whole day better if the dishes are done the night before- and he has done the dishes every.day.since. Even when he has cooked dinner too! That’s an awesome husband. And he’s all mine! 🙂

C is for cuteness is obvious. Yesterday we went to the library for story time (that was actually today, whoops), so we played for awhile with some kids instead and had some (tough) lessons in sharing. At one point C was playing with this little wooden doll house and she kept laying her head inside the bedroom of the house and looking at me through the window of the house. It was SO cute, but unfortunately I only caught blurry photos. 

She also has learned the sign for sleep and it is adorable when she does it… I’ll see her doing it at lunch, or today (during the ACTUAL story time) she saw a baby sleeping and she signed both “baby” and “sleep” which made me really smile.

And just in the last two days I’ve seen REAL progress with using please (signs or says) and thank you (signs). While it’s definitely not something she does unprompted (yet) she is doing it a lot more often when asked! Yay! Another thing that makes my heart glad :).

S is also for Sewing. I got a hair-brained idea in my head to make C’s Christmas dress. I have no idea why because I barely know how to use my machine. (I’m not kidding- the first dress- which, incidentally I’ll be saving for a future baby because it was too small- took me like 6 hours, half of which were spent on you tube trying to remember how to load the bobbin in my machine.) But I eventually got the bobbin loaded and managed to piece together two jumpers… now I kinda can’t wait to take some more sewing lessons and really learn to sew!

What do you think? 🙂

check out the cute buttons i found:

this one fits!

and this one has gingerbread man buttons too, if you look closely:



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