Pig Pen

So if you’re my friend, chances are you’ve heard me complain about my child’s complete hatred of baths lately. A friend sent me a link to this post today because she knew that I can totally relate! It inspired me to go ahead and write a post of my own in the off chance someone has a shred hope for us! You’d think she had had some sort of traumatic incident in the bath..but nope, nothing we can think of. She won’t even LOOK at her toys. In fact, inspite of my foreknowledge that a new toy wouldn’t help; we tried it anyway.  So, we got her a new toy today, & she was VERY excited about it in Target, cried when it had to be swiped at the register.  But once she saw the full bath tub… forget about it. (Literally, she forgot about that once super cool turtle.).

Another suggestion I got was to get those little tabs that change the color of the water. Nope, still thought she was being bathed in hot lava. (except now it was pink hot lava).  So pink water was no help. Neither was a duckie bath puppet/washcloth.

So I guess we are currently resigned to bathing her when we absolutely HAVE to (because we hate torturing her in this way!), and praying that she doesn’t spill anything too smelly on herself. Because right now, our kid’s nickname could be Pig Pen.


2 responses to “Pig Pen

  1. Ugh, hard stuff. And smelly. lol! I’m not sure if we’ve talked about this or not, I remember you telling me that C doesn’t like baths, but can’t remember how far the conversation went. Have you tried getting in the tub with her? Or maybe holding her in the shower with you?

  2. yes, i forgot to mention that I often get in the bath with her but it doesn’t help anymore (it once did). And the shower is like a thousand knives or something… we tried the smaller tub again tonight in case that would help…no luck. I think it’s just going to be fast, miserable baths for awhile!

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