Marathon Fail, Sewing Win!

I’m aware that I really should make this into two blog posts, but I know I’ll never get around to separating them, so hey, at least I’m writing something! 🙂

Well, my “groupies”that were going to attend my (attempt) at a marathon were unable to make it because they turned to “croup-ies”. The wee one ending up in an emergency room Saturday night. NOT FUN. I’m so glad she is okay now, but croup SOUNDS terrible. I really hope she never gets it again, it was very scary. She was so very miserable, and to be away from home when it happened made it so much harder in some ways. In other ways, we were just SO indebted and thankful to all of our friends who supported us and helped us out while she was sick.

She is still coughing, but definitely acting more normal and seems herself, thank goodness!

Post Bath/ Vapo Rub :

Sooo, in other news, prior to our week away, I had gotten into using my sewing machine. I really hope I can learn to use it more and really get going with this, because I’m really enjoying it! I already posted two of the dresses I made  a few weeks ago. I also got this tutorial off of a friend’s blog and decided to use some scrap fabric (and then I went and bought more fabric…I’m a sucker for this stuff..) and made these dresses.

I’m using this picture as a double for showing off C feeding a baby doll for the first time…isn’t that SO CUTE?

same style but another dress:

What do you think?!


2 responses to “Marathon Fail, Sewing Win!

  1. I am totally going to be making these dresses! so cute!

  2. SUPER cute!! Nice job.

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