16 Months Old!

keeping with tradition, she’s actually 16.5 months…maybe someday we will be on track with the timing!

Anyway, we’ve learned that keeping a 16 month old in front of a background and off of the “monkey bars” (aka lighting equipment) is nearly impossible, so we’ve gone away from pictures in her little chair. Oh well! Maybe some day she will sit and smile. (PS – She often says “cheese” when we take her picture, but says it so fast we can’t snap the picture!)

She is so fun! Have I said that enough? She definitely did not let croup get her down!  She plays hard and messy! I think the thing that entertains her for the longest is definitely pulling all of her toys out of the toy box and all of the books off the shelves (Rather than the actual books and toys themselves). Someday I think she may actually PLAY with the toys…

I hope you all had a nice thanksgiving! We did another family race on thanksgiving and had lots of fun! She seemed to enjoy it for the most part (yay!).  I’m happy to be exposing her to the importance of exercise, even at this young age.  Maybe next year she will get out and run some of it with me! We then spent the day with some of my family and had lots of fun. Since last thanksgiving was “milk only”, I was excited for C to enjoy her first real thanksgiving… she seemed to enjoy it, but she would only eat cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie! (Seriously no potatoes-sweet or other- no turkey, no stuffing… she’s definitely my daughter, the cranberry sauce is my personal fav! And only from the can with nothing resembling an actual cranberry in it! )

my brain is spacing on what is new with her! while i think she is saying more and more things, sometimes the words all run together in the way they sound… “baa” is for sheep, bear, etc… but a lot of her older words are getting more and more clear. Doll, and Ball come to mind as words she says crystal clearly. She will say jibberish sentences a lot of the time now, which is really cute. Her most said word right now is either “see! see!” (“I want to see it” or “gimme it” or “turn the tv on”) or “Yights” (lights or fan). She walks around like a little captain, commanding us to turn on all the lights, especially lights with fans. It’s really cute and energy in-efficient. 🙂 (this includes the lights in the car much of the time!)

Oh, this is new! she has started to sing the ABCs. Sort of. When she pushes the fridge alphabet and it starts to sing she tries to sing a long. It’s not the right letters by any means, but she definitely is attempting to sing along.  I haven’t been able to get it on video just yet.

We saw a Christmas tree the other day in a restaurant that had the round ornaments on it, and she immediately wanted to grab them off. So I’m thinking we will be leaving all the “balls” off our tree this year. Hoping to put it up soon!

Favorite Veggie: PEAS (pretty much the only veggie she eats regularly)

Favorite Fruit: Banana (which she calls MAaaaaaa for some reason) or “bapple”

Favorite Toy: Busy Ball Popper (in the last month she has figured out how to work it on her own so she uses it a lot. I’d recommend it to you all, but it’s the most.annoying.toy.ever. The balls dont stay in the thing!! So I spend half my day wandering around trying to keep up with all the balls.


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