Word Misuse and 18 monthsish

I can tell you, that blogging is HARDER IN THE WINTER. Just like everything is. I’m beyond drained. I need me some sunshine. Or at least a sunset that is later than 4pm.

anyways. I did NOT want to forget some of the latest and greatest C-isms. So that was enough to get my little brain working.

She’s so much fun right now… do i say that in EVERY post (yes)!  We just got back from a very fun visit with Nan and GP, where C seemed to have a word explosion. We had to be VERY careful about saying go, or shopping, because she would run right to the door and say “shop-hin”! Nan (and mama!) was so proud. she loves shoes, my credit cards, and now, “shop-hin”. We.are.in.trouble.

she’s learned the word sorry (sahee). It’s adorable when she says it. However, poor child doesn’t totally get the meaning of the word. I think she’s associated it with the feeling she has when I say I’m sorry// For example, I might say “i’m sorry” to her when she is mad that I won’t give her my hot coffee. So now, when she doesn’t like something or is upset, she says. “sahee! sahee!!” very pathetically. (like last night, when she saw me drive “away” (I was reparking the car) she kept telling B “mamaaaaaa? Saheeeeeeeee!” so cute.)

She is a very polite little thing, all though she truly believes that “peas” is the MAGIC word. She has gotten back into her little fan nazi routine, and she expects, even in restaurants and airports, that I should be able to get that fan going. And when I tell her no… she starts in with “mama?  fa? peas? peas? peas?”


I can’t totally remember what other word misuse i was thinking about writing about. See?! This is why i need to blog regularly. I’m already forgetting!

I will go ahead and talk about ALL THE SNOW. I know, I know, snow+New England does not= big news. I’m all set with it right about now though. Oh, what’s that? More snow tomorrow…

Good thing the adorable baby seems to love it! I wasn’t sure what she thought, until she pitched a hissy when I finally dragged her inside. She was all redfaced and freezing, I HAD to bring her in!! 🙂 Maybe we have a future skier on our hands. 🙂

more later. At least I am going to try to add more later!


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