More word misuse!

I knew I’d remember eventually!

The other thing she’s been doing is actually pretty clever-I’m not yet sure if she does it on purpose, but she spits out food and declares it too hot- but she does it even with stone cold food! I guess I should just thank my lucky stars that she tries food at least half the time!

She also will look at a picture and name the people in it. But she gets a little off when it is a picture of herself. For example,

“mumma, dadda…YOU!”

which, of course, in a way is correct… I mean, that’s what we tell her when she is looking at the picture!! She also calls herself “you” when she looks in a mirror. (probably thanks to to the peek a who book she loves so much!) i know that the referring to self as “you” is very common in little ones, but i think it’s even more  adorable with my kid doing it now:) just today though, I got her to try and say her name. If I point to myself she says mama, and if I point to her she will say something resembling her name. Yay! (but she still won’t say her name to the mirror or pictures. baby steps i guess!)

We’ve been practicing animal noises. Nan’s favorite was “doodle doo” instead of “cockadoodledoo!” And C remembers that that was Nan’s favorite- she keeps saying “doodle do” when she “talks” on the phone with Nan. 🙂

Here’s a video of *almost* all her sounds! Sorry I’m so much louder than she is 🙂

She really is amazing me daily. I cant believe how big my girl is!

We are buried under even more snow today, and so my “So silly” (as she declares herself all the time now) girl and I have already been out to play! She can’t quite walk in the 20000 feet of snow, so we had to stick to where the plow had been:)


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