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Mum Flew The Coop!

and we have our first stomach bug. Yuck! Poor baby has been a primo patient, except for, of course, the puking all over. But that can’t be helped.

Grossness aside, we’ve have had a lot of fun times around here. Daddy and daughter had a good bit of quality time this past weekend while Mum flew the coop. I went down to DC for my best friend’s wedding shower and bachelorette party. (I’ll have to upload some pictures in another post, unfortunately I’m a dolt. I forgot my camera. So I’m relying on some other people for pictures!!) I had a ton of fun and I think all the shower and bachelorette fun went off really well. Yay! And I rediscovered my fun non mom side. I’m going to have to round up some girls and go dancing every now and then so that I know I’m still fun. I think Shani’s fiance may have thought I was a total Square until Saturday night. 🙂

anyway, enough about me. It was so fun to hear about C’s adventures from B’s perspective. Daddy and Daughter went to our Library story/craft time and made an adorable penguin out of paper. B was the only Dad there, of course. The librarians did take pity on him and help out a bit i think 🙂

they dined like kings at friendly’s and TGIFridays, and they made their way to imagination island. He even got her dressed well each day. {yes, i called and checked!}

i am so appreciative of my awesome husband who works hard all week {has to be in tomorrow at 2 am!} and then worked hard all weekend so I could have some time off from mommying. Yay for rockstar husband! And I came home hoping he’d be able to get rest today…but thanks to the super fun stomach bug he’s been cleaning up and running out and helping me out. Seriously he rocks. 🙂


Real Moms, Real Laughs

My friend Amy over at Flexible Dreams came up with away to just laugh at ourselves a little bit… instead of feeling like the world is judging you… take a minute to read some of the other people linked at Amy’s blog… we ALL have our “embarrassing secrets”!

  • I understand that the AAP doesn’t recommend TV under two. However the *MOH does NOT recommend: parenting before coffee, before six am, after LESS than 6 hours of sleep, during sickness of parent/child, or on really crankypanky days. So my kid knows how to request no less than 4, possibly more, tv shows. (“doggie”, “elmo”, “ehgies”, “ah-ah-ah”. Bonus points to who can guess the shows).

*Mom of this House

  • I’ve posted before about C’s love-hate (no, HATE-HATE) relationship with the bath. Therefore, she gets bathed WAY LESS OFTEN then she should. I can’t bear to admit the longest she has gone. At least it’s winter and she really doesnt get that dirty. Maybe someday I can admit the number. (in other very exciting news- yesterday she cried during the bath- but then suddenly there was an exciting turn of events… and she didnt want to get out! Here’s hoping we’re making progress to at least tolerating baths!!)
  • Even though I know there isn’t anything good about donuts… my child has enjoyed a  **”few” munchkins. Before I say this, i feel the need to say that my daughter is VERY quick for her age and picks up things easily. So, one of our 5329285329 local Dunkin’ Donuts (DD is BIG up here), is also where my bank is.  And on occasion, I’ve gotten C a munchkin when I’ve gone through the DD/Bank drive thru. Yesterday, we drove past the bank (we weren’t even stopping there yet!) and she starts yelling from the backseat “Onut Onut Onut”! (& a little hand popped up).

**after the reading of this story you may draw your own conclusions on how many=few

Visit some of the others- I can’t wait! 🙂

18/19 monthish

so C finally had her 18 month appointment this week, though she is nearly 19 months old. Although it could’ve been disastrous due to timing (nearly nap time) and the office was running an HOUR behind, she proved yet again what a good girl she is. She played nicely with other kids in the office, and thhen when they were gone, she laid down on the office floor with her bear *it was NAP TIME*. I did make her get up because, well, ew. but it was still really cute.

She got a glowing report from the doctor, yay! She’s about 27 pounds but somehow feels like 50… i need to work out.

I’ve been keeping a list of recent cuteness so i wouldn’t forget!

*she’s started saying Mommy, and not just mama or mahee

*when playing with noah’s ark, she called the kangaroo “mommy” despite me correcting her. Not sure what that says about me….

*she sort of counts to ten! I had no idea that she had learned this until one day I was counting blocks as i stacked them and she joined in! I’m still wondering how she learned it! 🙂 She only really ever says every other number or so. But it’s adorable

*she calls doors “bye byes”

*lunch=Unch in C speak. Brush= Ush…

*She frequently requests her “shakeys” which are different egg shakers and maracas we have. At library story time we “shake our rattles together, because it’s fun to do. We shake them HIGH and we shake them LOW and we shake them in the middle.” And so even at home she shakes them high and low. She has also learned up and down.

*whenever we are in a situation where she might “play” shy (i say play because this child is.not.shy.), she will snuggle close to me. So I will always say, “are you bein shy?” and now, she will beat me to it, as we walk into the church nursery, for example, she will snuggle in and say, “Shyyyyyyyy”. 🙂

*next post I will tell tales from library story time, and I’ll even throw in some pics and video, i promise. 🙂