18/19 monthish

so C finally had her 18 month appointment this week, though she is nearly 19 months old. Although it could’ve been disastrous due to timing (nearly nap time) and the office was running an HOUR behind, she proved yet again what a good girl she is. She played nicely with other kids in the office, and thhen when they were gone, she laid down on the office floor with her bear *it was NAP TIME*. I did make her get up because, well, ew. but it was still really cute.

She got a glowing report from the doctor, yay! She’s about 27 pounds but somehow feels like 50… i need to work out.

I’ve been keeping a list of recent cuteness so i wouldn’t forget!

*she’s started saying Mommy, and not just mama or mahee

*when playing with noah’s ark, she called the kangaroo “mommy” despite me correcting her. Not sure what that says about me….

*she sort of counts to ten! I had no idea that she had learned this until one day I was counting blocks as i stacked them and she joined in! I’m still wondering how she learned it! 🙂 She only really ever says every other number or so. But it’s adorable

*she calls doors “bye byes”

*lunch=Unch in C speak. Brush= Ush…

*She frequently requests her “shakeys” which are different egg shakers and maracas we have. At library story time we “shake our rattles together, because it’s fun to do. We shake them HIGH and we shake them LOW and we shake them in the middle.” And so even at home she shakes them high and low. She has also learned up and down.

*whenever we are in a situation where she might “play” shy (i say play because this child is.not.shy.), she will snuggle close to me. So I will always say, “are you bein shy?” and now, she will beat me to it, as we walk into the church nursery, for example, she will snuggle in and say, “Shyyyyyyyy”. 🙂

*next post I will tell tales from library story time, and I’ll even throw in some pics and video, i promise. 🙂


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