Real Moms, Real Laughs

My friend Amy over at Flexible Dreams came up with away to just laugh at ourselves a little bit… instead of feeling like the world is judging you… take a minute to read some of the other people linked at Amy’s blog… we ALL have our “embarrassing secrets”!

  • I understand that the AAP doesn’t recommend TV under two. However the *MOH does NOT recommend: parenting before coffee, before six am, after LESS than 6 hours of sleep, during sickness of parent/child, or on really crankypanky days. So my kid knows how to request no less than 4, possibly more, tv shows. (“doggie”, “elmo”, “ehgies”, “ah-ah-ah”. Bonus points to who can guess the shows).

*Mom of this House

  • I’ve posted before about C’s love-hate (no, HATE-HATE) relationship with the bath. Therefore, she gets bathed WAY LESS OFTEN then she should. I can’t bear to admit the longest she has gone. At least it’s winter and she really doesnt get that dirty. Maybe someday I can admit the number. (in other very exciting news- yesterday she cried during the bath- but then suddenly there was an exciting turn of events… and she didnt want to get out! Here’s hoping we’re making progress to at least tolerating baths!!)
  • Even though I know there isn’t anything good about donuts… my child has enjoyed a  **”few” munchkins. Before I say this, i feel the need to say that my daughter is VERY quick for her age and picks up things easily. So, one of our 5329285329 local Dunkin’ Donuts (DD is BIG up here), is also where my bank is.  And on occasion, I’ve gotten C a munchkin when I’ve gone through the DD/Bank drive thru. Yesterday, we drove past the bank (we weren’t even stopping there yet!) and she starts yelling from the backseat “Onut Onut Onut”! (& a little hand popped up).

**after the reading of this story you may draw your own conclusions on how many=few

Visit some of the others- I can’t wait! 🙂


8 responses to “Real Moms, Real Laughs

  1. What a little cutie! Isn’t it fun now that she can talk and you have some insight about what she’s thinking – you can see all those connections she’s making in her mind. It’s amazing how many stores you frequent (or frequently drive by) that the little ones will recognize just by seeing their logo. I guess those marketing people knew what they were doing.

  2. I LOVED THIS! You crack me up, girl.

    I’m going with Kipper, Sesame Street, Wiggles(?), and Curious George.

    How’d I do?

  3. HAHA! Thanks for linking up at Real Moms, Real Laughs. Your stories totally cracked me up 🙂

    I haven’t even begun to confess our DD stories. The ladies at the DD near our house know my coffee order and Hannah’s name. Mmmmmmm. I’m kind of excited that CFA has free breakfast on Thursdays in February. For some reason I justify that as more healthy than DD.

    • I thought if another good one after I posted. Hopefully I remember it next week! 🙂 I feel better knowing I’m not alone in the DD department 🙂

      And if there was a chickfila around here we would probably LIVE in it. 🙂

  4. Awww, I knew there were other kids out there addicted to those dreaded munchkins, and even though I too, love them, and they are super addicting, I hate seeing my kids fight over them, stuffing them in their mouths as fast as possible so nobody else can have any. We always get the 50 pack, and it’s gone before we even get home, if you can beat that. No wonder they are full for days it seems after our DD binge, lol.

    THANK goodness we don’t have one at our bank, or any of the other places we frequently go to, otherwise, I’d be in REAL trouble, he he.

    Thanks so much for sharing this at our party **Real Moms, Real Laughs**, I enjoyed reading it, and HOPE to hear much more from you girl.


    Bella 🙂

    • lol @ DD binge. she could probably eat 50 by herself!!!!
      there are seriously 7-8 DD in my area that we drive by frequently. it’s not good.

      thanks for reading! 🙂 I have some good ones for this week!

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