Mum Flew The Coop!

and we have our first stomach bug. Yuck! Poor baby has been a primo patient, except for, of course, the puking all over. But that can’t be helped.

Grossness aside, we’ve have had a lot of fun times around here. Daddy and daughter had a good bit of quality time this past weekend while Mum flew the coop. I went down to DC for my best friend’s wedding shower and bachelorette party. (I’ll have to upload some pictures in another post, unfortunately I’m a dolt. I forgot my camera. So I’m relying on some other people for pictures!!) I had a ton of fun and I think all the shower and bachelorette fun went off really well. Yay! And I rediscovered my fun non mom side. I’m going to have to round up some girls and go dancing every now and then so that I know I’m still fun. I think Shani’s fiance may have thought I was a total Square until Saturday night. 🙂

anyway, enough about me. It was so fun to hear about C’s adventures from B’s perspective. Daddy and Daughter went to our Library story/craft time and made an adorable penguin out of paper. B was the only Dad there, of course. The librarians did take pity on him and help out a bit i think 🙂

they dined like kings at friendly’s and TGIFridays, and they made their way to imagination island. He even got her dressed well each day. {yes, i called and checked!}

i am so appreciative of my awesome husband who works hard all week {has to be in tomorrow at 2 am!} and then worked hard all weekend so I could have some time off from mommying. Yay for rockstar husband! And I came home hoping he’d be able to get rest today…but thanks to the super fun stomach bug he’s been cleaning up and running out and helping me out. Seriously he rocks. 🙂


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