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Genius Idea for Marriage

I know you all are going to be super impressed by this post.

So, we’ve lived in our house for about 3 years now. Since we have moved here, I have had these lovely little spoon rest thingys that I *love* to leave tea bags and spoons on. They cause many “problems”.

One problem is that my poor husband is always wanting to throw out my (admittedly disgusting looking) tea bags away, whilst I’m always swearing that I will re-use them! I’m not that cheap- i just like my tea very weak and therefor reusing a tea bag makes sense. Okay, it’s gross. But I’m still going to do it. This has not been as much of a problem. My lovely husband adapted and pretty much leaves my (ugly) tea bags alone.

My lovely, amazing husband has completely taken over dish duty. We discovered that this has worked out very well for the happiness meter in both of our lives. Except for one thing. Oh this problem is a DOOZY. You know how there are those little things in life that just This has been my looney toons thing for THREE YEARS. And I have figured out how to solve it. You should all be so proud of me. I solved a problem that comes up, at least 2-4 x per week (depending on how good we are about the dishwasher) for THREE years.

My husband, always, ALWAYS puts the teaspoon rests away in the wrong place. ALWAYS. For three years, these little guys have always lived in the cabinet farthest right in our kitchen. And for THREE YEARS (!!!) He has always put them in the cabinet NEXT to the one they go in.

This makes me bananas every.single.time.

{thought as I’m huffing and puffing at all the “work” of moving 4 small things to the cabinet RIGHT next store, not across our “huge” kitchen}

“Why can’t he just remember where they go? They’ve been in the same spot for three years!! ARGH. This is SO ANNOYING.”

This morning though, as i searched for my teaspoon rests and they were, again, not where “they go”, I had a revelation.

Why not, make the spot where they go, where HE puts them?


This is GENIUS. Especially since, he does all the dishes now anyway! WHY DOES IT MATTER?
Even as I’m typing this, i’m laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. How did I let this bother me for 3 years? How did I not figure this out?

God bless my husband, because the worst thing I put up with is spoon rests in the wrong place. He puts up with a WHOLE host of neuroses, the least of which is me freaking out about where the spoon rests go and leaving my gross tea bags out on the counter.

I love you honey.


{20 Months}

Little C is 20 Months. 20 Months sounds WAY too close to TWO in my mind. And sometimes, she acts a little TOO much like a TWO year old. Yesterday she was QUITE contrary! Oy. But today’s a new day.

We’ve started out reading a bible story each morning with milk and having a little prayer. My favorite part is when she yells, “A-MEN!” I tried to start reading these with her awhile ago and she had no interest, so it’s pretty exciting to have a little “devotion” with her each day. 

She has one full sentence that she uses often, “OH! Look at that______” Usually it’s been, Look at that DADDY! (when he gets home from work) which is so cute. Lately, when she goes in our bedroom and he’s not in bed (we usually wake him on Saturday mornings) she will say “Daddy! Work?” Awww. She misses you, Hon!

I definitely have lost complete count on all her words. She is saying something new almost daily, it seems! We’ve been working on colors, but it seems hit or miss. Some days she knows the purple crayon, other days, not so much.

Right now, she’s been doing really well with independent play. In fact, she seems to play better if I’m NOT around. This morning she’s entertained herself (in her totally baby proofed room, where i leave the monitor on so I can hear her) for about an hour. YES. I showered, printed coupons, other little tasks and now I’m blogging! AMAZING!

She’s also learning more associations. She knows what it actually MEANS to “go”, and will run to the door when I say, “are you ready to go?” She thinks of the mall as a place where she will see her little friend (we do do a lot of play dates there!) She totally knows the two libraries we frequent and she will ask to go. (We’re actually headed to one in a few minutes!) She loves the music parts of the story time…eventually I hope she’ll actually listen to the story part…

I know there are many more things, but since we are recovering from a MONTH of sickness (stomach bug, followed by a nasty cold/relapsing for me then the stomach bug AGAIN), i can’t quite remember it all. So for now I’ll say farewell!