She might be pregnant if…

…she suddenly is going to bed at 8 every night.

…she unexpectedly gets upset at the tiniest infractions. (or, what she percieves as infractions)…

…If she goes two- three months without blogging.

…she never seems in the mood for any kind of food- not even Friendly’s!

…she is walking around for days without showering because it’s just not worth the effort.

… she finally gets around to that blog, and writes about pregnancy!

Yup!  Baby S #2 is due around Thanksgiving this year! Everyone who reads this already knows, I’m sure. But i wanted to get around to blogging about it because, as a second child myself, I want to at least ATTEMPT to talk about this pregnancy some…this kid is definitely already getting the shaft! C was fussing through my entire NT Scan (2nd Ultrasound) and so I basically missed the entire thing. Good thing baby # 2 was much more cooperative than C was for that ultrasound! C didn’t move into the right position & it took about an hour. Baby #2 was perfectly positioned and the whole thing was 15 minutes!! Maybe He/she could hear C fussing?

I’m still able to wear my regular (*fat*) pants right now, which is exciting. Funny how second pregnancies are different- I couldn’t WAIT to show/wear maternity the first time around. This time, I am really hoping to keep my weight gain WAY LESS than last time. So far, so good. I’m 14.5 weeks and while I sometimes *think* i’ve felt movement, I’m definitely not sure yet. I’m getting excited though! I’ve heard the heartbeat twice already. at my first appointment my midwife decided to try- I was only 9 weeks- but she found it pretty much right away. Definitely still one of the best sounds ever! 🙂 My next appointment in June will be followed by our “big” ultrasound where we will hopefully be able to see the sex of the baby…if we decide to see it! Still haven’t figured out that one yet. With C i was sure all along she was a girl, but this time, I have no gut feeling!

I haven’t scanned the pictures from our NT scan yet- but here are the pictures for my dating ultrasound!

baby was 9 weeks 2 days in these shots. I promise to post the NT Scan pics soon!


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