{23 months}

I can’t believe in less than a month my baby will be TWO!! (and that in 5 months there will BE two…)

She’s earned the nickname “chatty c” on our beach trip. She is talking more and more and more. Including telling me that she wants a diaper change. I’m hoping potty training is in the VERY near future!!

She has a steel trap memory… She really remembers so many random things… Like the location of “tunnels” (Aka overpasses). Tunnels and bridges are her current obsession. It’s cute, except when there hasn’t been one while in awhile…I’m not able to produce them from thin air which she finds very disappointing!

I’m sure there are many many more adorable things she is doing that im not able to conjure up right now!

I’ll add captions to these pictures later- I’m posting from my phone at the moment!


Stylin' Priority Mail Hat


Artiste at work



"Cheese" (at the Aquarium)



The Sharks (and Otters) were her favorites!





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