It’s A…

That’s right, We’re having a baby BOY! As my brother said, Now we’ll have a complete set. 🙂

I really wanted to try out some “fun” way to find out (Though, any way you find out is awesome!) and I totally stole this from my friends J9 and Alicia. 🙂 However, B and I aren’t really cake people so I didn’t want to waste it on just the three of us. And then I realized we were already having the New Hope Worship team over for a BBQ, the same weekend my dear friend Katie was visiting.. and the plan was hatched! It was really fun and exciting finding out with so many friends around! 🙂

18 weeksish

As you can see from the video, “I am “ALWAYS” Right…” (just as an fyi, I meant in reference to my children’s gender, not all things in the world…) I had started to feel pretty sure over the last few weeks that baby #2 was a boy! I think I would’ve passed out if it were a girl.

It was funny, I couldn’t believe how nervous I was while cutting the cake! It reminded me of when we cut the cake at our wedding! This definitely was very exciting. We had our ultrasound on Wednesday and I was a good girl and did not peek to see what we were having. We dropped off the envelope (and kept a spare just in case the bakery messed up).  I was a little concerned because the gal at the bakery seemed a bit confused, but it all turned out. The cake was adorable! (I had said i truly didn’t care what it looked like, lol).

When C woke up from her nap & saw the cake she was VERY excited. She definitely wanted “DUCKY CAKE” asap. But, I forced her to eat dinner first- she finally has started to get the “if you eat dinner, THEN…” and so she ate a good dinner & was rewarded with ducky cake.

Unrelated to the Cake, but C is really good with a "big" cup these days!

(If you re-watch the movie you can hear her chatting about ducky cake).  She ate the piece that we cut. While she was eating it she kept a running commentary about the “blue cake. BLUE cake.” But when we tried to say it was a boy baby in my belly she kept saying “girl? girl?”… so she may be in for a surprise in a few months! LOL .

I love B's face in this one...

Baby boy is already affecting plans around here…for example, I don’t think I’ll paint C’s room pink anymore! 🙂 and now there are names to discuss and keep secret, and nursery furniture and bedding thoughts to consider…

As far as the actual ultrasound goes, little boy wasn’t very cooperative for the actual MEDICAL parts of the u/s (or for pictures for mom!), so we will be headed back on wednesday for another look. I’m excited to see him again! 🙂 So weird/fun to say “HIM!”

Here’s the pictures we DID get. I did see him yawn during the ultrasound which was really cute 🙂

His Face

a foot...or a dragonfly?


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