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Elmo Party! {2 Years Old}

She’s TWO!

We had so much fun at C’s party. I had so much fun with all the details- hubby was a great help with the crafty stuff too, so it was fun to do together! I have to thank Pinterest for many of my ideas, hopefully I will get a post up with some of the details I did linking to all the blogs I used.

From my friend’s Etsy Shop

And thanks to stealing the idea from a friend (who also lent me the shirts!) B and I dressed into the theme as well. When Daddy got her up from her non nap, she said, “OH THANK YOU Daddy, Shirt!” (thanks for wearing that shirt!). So cute.

It was a smaller party this year, but once everyone was there, it seemed to be the perfect amount!  I had a great idea to get a picture of everyone at the party (since last year we only took 20 pictures at her party!), but that didn’t come to fruition this year either. But, we did have a photographer friend take pictures in addition to B taking them, so we do have more pics of who was there! (although, only one of my mom! Sorry mom!)

One of my fav's...Family 🙂

While I still REALLY wanted to make my own cake, I ended up feeling to overwhelmed and so I made the cake and my dear friend Beth decorated it. Didn’t she do a great job! I purchased the cake topper from Etsy- and it now will be a decoration in C’s room! 🙂

Mostly the kids just played with C’s toys but we did enjoy a bit of “pin the nose on the elmo”. My husband ROCKS and drew the elmo and the noses.

She of course didn’t eat ANYTHING but junk because she new Cake was coming. Whenever we talk about birthdays her response is always “birthday cake!”. Too cute. And smart. Now I can’t even tell her we’re going to a party, lol. I love her face when she saw the cake. And she really did blow out the candle herself! 🙂

We got her outfit on Etsy- thanks to my mother in law.

the balloons were a big hit also!

I LOVE it, it’s so cute and she can wear it not just on her birthday! 🙂 I also attended a bow party the week of her party and found this bow- the last one the lady had. SCORE! I love that it can go with almost any outfit!

I don’t want to post pictures of all the kids playing without permission, but let me tell you the photos are adorable. We are blessed to have so many great friends in our lives. I’m so thankful to everyone who came!

And, Probably my favorite pic of the day…

She never actually used it, but this picture is HILARIOUS:

"PUT DOWN THE CAMERA...or someone's getting wet!"


C is {TWO!}

I started reading some older posts to jog my memory about the past year. This one in particular blows my mind. I can’t believe how different she really is! Last year she only had 3 -5 words? Now she says sentences and understands concepts! I couldn’t begin to count the signs and words she says and knows. I’m still such a happy mama. My girl is (usually!) so well behaved, great with saying Thank you’s, improving with the pleases… She remembers EVERYTHING. You do it once, and it’s an association for life. {for example, she went with my mom to the Zoo and now whenever we talk about Zoo’s she thinks my mom will be there}.

This Post reminded me of a few more things! She still loves to hand us stuff, but now it’s because she is giving you something she thinks is yours. Even if it’s trash. She’s trying to be helpful! Like yesterday, at the splash park, she tried handing several people in one group a piece of trash because it was near them. No one would take it, so she sat it next to the little boy eating his sandwich with the group. She also says “Thank you” when she hands you the object. 🙂

She still loves her stuffed animals, and has a few more favorites ( a stuffed Larry & Bob from “Veggie tales”), but night night bear or “b bear” trumps them all. I’m so glad she has a lovey! She’s still doing great in her big girl bed, and she sleeps a little later now, sometimes REALLY late, so I’m SO HAPPY.

She’s eating much better these days, and definitely trying more and more foods.

Starting to skip the Highchair. So grown up looking!

She definitely still doesn’t LIKE a whole lot, but I’m happy that she tries stuff, and sometimes she surprises me with what she will eat! We’re also working on saying “No ‘ank you” when we don’t want something. It’s pretty adorable.

She’s getting more and more interested in dressing up and tu tus and what she wears each day. {often requests a coat… Um, no dear, it’s 85 degrees…} She is DEFINITELY getting more opinionated on a whole lot of things… hopefully she will go with the flow a bit more and I will learn what battles to pick!! Praying for harmony in this second year, i think!

This is probably gone on long enough, but one last thing. We are SO PROUD of our girl. She’s still my baby. But, she’s turning into a girl more and more. Peeing on the potty (more on that soon, I hope!), polite, sweet, caring for others, a great sharer… She’s awesome and we love her! Happy Birthday (a few days late!)

Birth Day!

One Year Old!

Two Years Old! (& all grown up with her purse!)

Now, off to get ready for the Party!

July 4th Weekend!

I’m feeling all nostalgic because my baby’s birthday is this week! So I’m tempted to post a bunch of nostalgia but then I know I’ll never get around to this 4th of July post!

We had a GREAT weekend, packed full of time with friends! We did miss out on hanging with my mom because of crummy weather. But otherwise, a perfect weekend!

Mastering the art of saying "Cheese"

On Saturday AM we hit the beach with some local friends and some formerly local friends who were visiting! It was so great to catch up and have a great beach day. The water was actually pretty warm so we were all in it! C is not a fan of the ocean breaking, but doesn’t mind being “deep” so we were out in it a lot of the day, actually! She is my little beachy baby!

After the beach, we headed up to our good friend’s place for a BBQ that was a ton of fun. C wasn’t shy at all, which is somewhat unusual for such a large gathering. I’m guessing it’s because she was at her little “BFF’s” house and was totally comfortable in that environment. (When I told her we’d be going to A’s house, she immediately started telling me about A’s play kitchen & how it had a play phone…this kid’s memory…it’s amazing!)

Sunday was church and then supposed to be heading to my mom’s but the combo of bad weather threatening and a tired mama made me say, next time! So we hung out and recovered.

Watching the Parade!

Monday we kicked off the Fourth with C’s first ever parade. And I think mine since I was 4. B wasn’t too excited about going but I convinced him with breakfast out and that we could leave if it wasnt fun. Well, a parade with a 2 year old is FUN! She LOVED seeing the fire trucks and wasn’t scared at all by their blaring horns (5-10 minutes of LOUD sirens, and no tears!…this is what convinced us to try fireworks!).

thankfully, she actually sat with me for a lot of it!

Our church’s front lawn is along the parade route, so we sat there, enjoying saying hi to everyone we knew. They gave out snowcones (I’ll have to add that picture later since I apparently didnt upload it off b’s computer…),  had face painting:

of course she touched it .002seconds after the gal was done... Shooting Stars instead! 🙂

and other stuff around. This was great for occupying C during the (inevitable) lull’s in the parade.

Very Patriotic!

When we got home from all the excitement she took a super long nap so we decided to go for  it and keep her up for the 930pm fireworks. She did REALLY well and loved them. She thoroughly enjoyed watching both the illegal “pre show” and the actual paid presentation. We were a bit nervous about traffic leaving the place so we decided to cut out before it was even over- not like she knew the difference anyway! She was so well behaved (especially since it was way past bedtime) and kept saying “I YIKE FIREWORKS”! In fact, she is still saying that… 🙂

That about sums it up. I’m glad I cracked this post out because I have a few more swirling in my head right now because my baby is going to be TWO!

{20 Weeks!}

see, I’m going to get into a good groove with blogging and then in 20 short weeks I’ll end up going off grid again…

oh my goodness. 20 weeks. That’s really not that long. July 4th is already (almost over) and then BAM! before you know it it’s labor day, than Halloween and then I start hyperventilating thinking about what’s coming next!!

I often feel awkward when B is taking my picture, not really sure why… anyway, the other day we recreated a picture from my pregnancy with C. So, of course i not only wore the same shirt, but i tried to make the same ridiculous face. I think in general i look the same, though some people (B included) think I look thinner this time around. Maybe there is something to that whole “girls stealing your beauty”….

I’m feeling pretty good these days, trying to get stuff done around the house and everything… We’re going to make our study into the new baby’s nursery…eventually he and C may share a room, but we will see… But for now we are trying to clean out the basement so that we can use that space for “office” stuff (& sewing, hopefully!)…  So if you know anyone who wants to buy a couch, chair and ottoman… LOL But, we’ve got C in her big girl bed now, hopefully we will get the rest of her room in order soon.

I’m feeling inspired to make this for baby boy’s room (thank you Pinterest!) so I’m on the hunt for a used dresser. 🙂

And of course there’s all of our regularly scheduled summery things keeping me quite busy and tired. Yesterday we skipped a cookout and I am sooooo glad we did. I was exhausted from all of our saturday activity and I was feeling quite LARGE yesterday for some reason. I’m guessing it was baby boy’s positioning because he was moving a LOT last night! 🙂 Looking forward to Lobsters next weekend and then to a certain someone’s 2nd birthday party!!!!

I guess that’s it for now, I promise to post about our July 4th soon! 🙂 Have a great week!!



{23.5 months}

T-minus 2 weeks to C’s 2nd Birthday! Yay!

Since my last update was brief, I thought of a bunch more things to add. 🙂 She’s started grasping more concepts and saying them more clearly. Two nights in a row now we’ve had this conversation:

“more lemons?”

“you want some more lemonade?”


“well honey, we drank all the lemonade. I don’t have anymore.”

“Go store, get some lemons?”


She will point to me if you ask where her baby brother is. Hopefully she knows that I’m mommy and NOT a boy nor her brother… lol.

I got her a bike seat because she has been OBSESSED with bikes for awhile now. My stepdad installed it on my bike and C, my mom and I took it out for a test ride this week. She LOVED it. 🙂 In fact, I had to hide her “special hat” (helmet) because she wants to wear it and ask for bike rides all.the.time!

Most exciting news: She’s sleeping in a big girl bed!! I had a feeling she would do really well with it, but I was still nervous to be messing with my good sleeper. However, my increasing diameter led me to the switch. I was definitely feeling the lifting and laying down of a 30 pound kid each day! Plus, there was no way i wanted to buy a second crib so this seemed to make the most sense. So off I went (with my dear friend Katie who was still visiting) to Ikea. We bought this adorable bed, & she LOVES it! I had hyped it up a bit, reminding her of her friends who had “big girl beds” and sure enough, when she saw it all put together (done by mommy!) She was SO excited. She loved seeing all of her animals in the bed and lit up when she saw it. It was so adorable. Here’s a little bit of the excitement… I can’t get it to embed (boo!) so click here!

1st Night in a Big girl bed!

So then she was DONE with the crib and hasn’t looked back! So far she hasn’t really gotten out of bed (less one nap) and waits for us to come get her. She plays in her bed the same as her crib…and she is still a crazy all over sleeper, but hasn’t fallen out of bed (yet)!

Bedtime books and snuggles with Daddy!

But I DID find her across the room one night, fast asleep. She must’ve gotten up at some point & i didn’t hear her! I’m so so proud of my big girl! Daddy was a bit more emotional about the whole thing than I was, which was really sweet. 🙂

Some other things I’m loving:

actually giving/receiving  kisses more normally (before she would just lean her head in for a kiss)

saying good bye/good night to every person and every item…

total giggle fits when reading the book “blue hat, green hat” by Sandra Boynton

regularly repeating “luff you mommy/daddy ”

Saying spontaneous thank you’s- for drinks, for her diaper changes, etc!

I’m sure there is  more but again, I’m off to bed, because, well, that’s what pregnant ladies do. 🙂 More soon I’m sure!