{23.5 months}

T-minus 2 weeks to C’s 2nd Birthday! Yay!

Since my last update was brief, I thought of a bunch more things to add. 🙂 She’s started grasping more concepts and saying them more clearly. Two nights in a row now we’ve had this conversation:

“more lemons?”

“you want some more lemonade?”


“well honey, we drank all the lemonade. I don’t have anymore.”

“Go store, get some lemons?”


She will point to me if you ask where her baby brother is. Hopefully she knows that I’m mommy and NOT a boy nor her brother… lol.

I got her a bike seat because she has been OBSESSED with bikes for awhile now. My stepdad installed it on my bike and C, my mom and I took it out for a test ride this week. She LOVED it. 🙂 In fact, I had to hide her “special hat” (helmet) because she wants to wear it and ask for bike rides all.the.time!

Most exciting news: She’s sleeping in a big girl bed!! I had a feeling she would do really well with it, but I was still nervous to be messing with my good sleeper. However, my increasing diameter led me to the switch. I was definitely feeling the lifting and laying down of a 30 pound kid each day! Plus, there was no way i wanted to buy a second crib so this seemed to make the most sense. So off I went (with my dear friend Katie who was still visiting) to Ikea. We bought this adorable bed, & she LOVES it! I had hyped it up a bit, reminding her of her friends who had “big girl beds” and sure enough, when she saw it all put together (done by mommy!) She was SO excited. She loved seeing all of her animals in the bed and lit up when she saw it. It was so adorable. Here’s a little bit of the excitement… I can’t get it to embed (boo!) so click here!

1st Night in a Big girl bed!

So then she was DONE with the crib and hasn’t looked back! So far she hasn’t really gotten out of bed (less one nap) and waits for us to come get her. She plays in her bed the same as her crib…and she is still a crazy all over sleeper, but hasn’t fallen out of bed (yet)!

Bedtime books and snuggles with Daddy!

But I DID find her across the room one night, fast asleep. She must’ve gotten up at some point & i didn’t hear her! I’m so so proud of my big girl! Daddy was a bit more emotional about the whole thing than I was, which was really sweet. 🙂

Some other things I’m loving:

actually giving/receiving  kisses more normally (before she would just lean her head in for a kiss)

saying good bye/good night to every person and every item…

total giggle fits when reading the book “blue hat, green hat” by Sandra Boynton

regularly repeating “luff you mommy/daddy ”

Saying spontaneous thank you’s- for drinks, for her diaper changes, etc!

I’m sure there is  more but again, I’m off to bed, because, well, that’s what pregnant ladies do. 🙂 More soon I’m sure!


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