{20 Weeks!}

see, I’m going to get into a good groove with blogging and then in 20 short weeks I’ll end up going off grid again…

oh my goodness. 20 weeks. That’s really not that long. July 4th is already (almost over) and then BAM! before you know it it’s labor day, than Halloween and then I start hyperventilating thinking about what’s coming next!!

I often feel awkward when B is taking my picture, not really sure why… anyway, the other day we recreated a picture from my pregnancy with C. So, of course i not only wore the same shirt, but i tried to make the same ridiculous face. I think in general i look the same, though some people (B included) think I look thinner this time around. Maybe there is something to that whole “girls stealing your beauty”….

I’m feeling pretty good these days, trying to get stuff done around the house and everything… We’re going to make our study into the new baby’s nursery…eventually he and C may share a room, but we will see… But for now we are trying to clean out the basement so that we can use that space for “office” stuff (& sewing, hopefully!)…  So if you know anyone who wants to buy a couch, chair and ottoman… LOL But, we’ve got C in her big girl bed now, hopefully we will get the rest of her room in order soon.

I’m feeling inspired to make this for baby boy’s room (thank you Pinterest!) so I’m on the hunt for a used dresser. 🙂

And of course there’s all of our regularly scheduled summery things keeping me quite busy and tired. Yesterday we skipped a cookout and I am sooooo glad we did. I was exhausted from all of our saturday activity and I was feeling quite LARGE yesterday for some reason. I’m guessing it was baby boy’s positioning because he was moving a LOT last night! 🙂 Looking forward to Lobsters next weekend and then to a certain someone’s 2nd birthday party!!!!

I guess that’s it for now, I promise to post about our July 4th soon! 🙂 Have a great week!!




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