July 4th Weekend!

I’m feeling all nostalgic because my baby’s birthday is this week! So I’m tempted to post a bunch of nostalgia but then I know I’ll never get around to this 4th of July post!

We had a GREAT weekend, packed full of time with friends! We did miss out on hanging with my mom because of crummy weather. But otherwise, a perfect weekend!

Mastering the art of saying "Cheese"

On Saturday AM we hit the beach with some local friends and some formerly local friends who were visiting! It was so great to catch up and have a great beach day. The water was actually pretty warm so we were all in it! C is not a fan of the ocean breaking, but doesn’t mind being “deep” so we were out in it a lot of the day, actually! She is my little beachy baby!

After the beach, we headed up to our good friend’s place for a BBQ that was a ton of fun. C wasn’t shy at all, which is somewhat unusual for such a large gathering. I’m guessing it’s because she was at her little “BFF’s” house and was totally comfortable in that environment. (When I told her we’d be going to A’s house, she immediately started telling me about A’s play kitchen & how it had a play phone…this kid’s memory…it’s amazing!)

Sunday was church and then supposed to be heading to my mom’s but the combo of bad weather threatening and a tired mama made me say, next time! So we hung out and recovered.

Watching the Parade!

Monday we kicked off the Fourth with C’s first ever parade. And I think mine since I was 4. B wasn’t too excited about going but I convinced him with breakfast out and that we could leave if it wasnt fun. Well, a parade with a 2 year old is FUN! She LOVED seeing the fire trucks and wasn’t scared at all by their blaring horns (5-10 minutes of LOUD sirens, and no tears!…this is what convinced us to try fireworks!).

thankfully, she actually sat with me for a lot of it!

Our church’s front lawn is along the parade route, so we sat there, enjoying saying hi to everyone we knew. They gave out snowcones (I’ll have to add that picture later since I apparently didnt upload it off b’s computer…),  had face painting:

of course she touched it .002seconds after the gal was done... Shooting Stars instead! 🙂

and other stuff around. This was great for occupying C during the (inevitable) lull’s in the parade.

Very Patriotic!

When we got home from all the excitement she took a super long nap so we decided to go for  it and keep her up for the 930pm fireworks. She did REALLY well and loved them. She thoroughly enjoyed watching both the illegal “pre show” and the actual paid presentation. We were a bit nervous about traffic leaving the place so we decided to cut out before it was even over- not like she knew the difference anyway! She was so well behaved (especially since it was way past bedtime) and kept saying “I YIKE FIREWORKS”! In fact, she is still saying that… 🙂

That about sums it up. I’m glad I cracked this post out because I have a few more swirling in my head right now because my baby is going to be TWO!


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