C is {TWO!}

I started reading some older posts to jog my memory about the past year. This one in particular blows my mind. I can’t believe how different she really is! Last year she only had 3 -5 words? Now she says sentences and understands concepts! I couldn’t begin to count the signs and words she says and knows. I’m still such a happy mama. My girl is (usually!) so well behaved, great with saying Thank you’s, improving with the pleases… She remembers EVERYTHING. You do it once, and it’s an association for life. {for example, she went with my mom to the Zoo and now whenever we talk about Zoo’s she thinks my mom will be there}.

This Post reminded me of a few more things! She still loves to hand us stuff, but now it’s because she is giving you something she thinks is yours. Even if it’s trash. She’s trying to be helpful! Like yesterday, at the splash park, she tried handing several people in one group a piece of trash because it was near them. No one would take it, so she sat it next to the little boy eating his sandwich with the group. She also says “Thank you” when she hands you the object. 🙂

She still loves her stuffed animals, and has a few more favorites ( a stuffed Larry & Bob from “Veggie tales”), but night night bear or “b bear” trumps them all. I’m so glad she has a lovey! She’s still doing great in her big girl bed, and she sleeps a little later now, sometimes REALLY late, so I’m SO HAPPY.

She’s eating much better these days, and definitely trying more and more foods.

Starting to skip the Highchair. So grown up looking!

She definitely still doesn’t LIKE a whole lot, but I’m happy that she tries stuff, and sometimes she surprises me with what she will eat! We’re also working on saying “No ‘ank you” when we don’t want something. It’s pretty adorable.

She’s getting more and more interested in dressing up and tu tus and what she wears each day. {often requests a coat… Um, no dear, it’s 85 degrees…} She is DEFINITELY getting more opinionated on a whole lot of things… hopefully she will go with the flow a bit more and I will learn what battles to pick!! Praying for harmony in this second year, i think!

This is probably gone on long enough, but one last thing. We are SO PROUD of our girl. She’s still my baby. But, she’s turning into a girl more and more. Peeing on the potty (more on that soon, I hope!), polite, sweet, caring for others, a great sharer… She’s awesome and we love her! Happy Birthday (a few days late!)

Birth Day!

One Year Old!

Two Years Old! (& all grown up with her purse!)

Now, off to get ready for the Party!


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