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{27 Weeks}

so by my calculations, Monday marked the beginning of the 3rd trimester, even though all of my pregnancy calendar thingies say that it’s the end of trimester two… But 40/3x=13.3×2=26.6… so, I’m going with Hello Third Trimester.

and, EEP. That was quick.

I keep thinking back over the last six months and wondering how it’s been six months already and how in the world did i get here so quickly?? Overall I’ve been feeling really good, in fact, most of the time how i’m feeling has more to do with the two year old in my life than the baby i’m growing! 😉 Mostly I’m just tired… somewhat from twoyearolditis… and also because I’m just not sleeping well- no big surprise!  I clearly remember sleeping better with a newborn than pregnant last time around!

27 Weeks

But, baby boy is growing and growing! I’m already “measuring ahead” although still within the “normal” range. I guess I grow big babies! I had my glucose test at my last appointment and I passed on the first try this time! Hopefully I won’t have to take it again anyway, since the nurse actually gave it to me by mistake.. It should’ve been given closer to 28 weeks. So, fingers crossed.

C and "the bump"

C definitely knows there’s a baby in my belly- but if you ask her his name she always says “mommy”! So clearly it’s not all put together just yet for her 🙂 And, Yes! We do have a name! But it’s secret for now. Or at least semi-secret. I’m trying to not tell…but B is much better at keeping it a secret than I am!!

this post has taken me all week to write! I’m feeling uninspired and very cranky lately. I honestly feel like i will be feeling better in about 12 weeks. I hope I can pull it together before then for my hubby’s sake, especially.  I’ve been praying for a lot of patience and endurance and strength (to help me potty train the two year old!) , but i think i need to ask God for a little niceness too.

I think that’s it for now… here’s a link to my 3rd trimester post from when I was pregnant with C, in case you are bored. 🙂


{two and change} 25 months

Realistically I doubt that I will keep up posting  monthly updates on my two year old. However, since she happened to turn 2yrs, 1 month yesterday, and she has some cute things to say lately, I decided to go for it, this time.

I have to say, it’s like some sort of light went off right as she turned two. She’s started saying more and more surprising things, more complete thoughts, getting closer to counting to twenty correctly.. It’s crazy. Some of the not-so-great two year oldness has come out as well. Suddenly she seems deaf to her own name and stubborn in certain circumstances. But overall I’d still say she’s a winner 🙂

I was in legit tears the other night because she is growing up so fast, and I really love who she is right now. (Hormones much?). I know she’s just going to get better and better, but I was mourning that someday she won’t say, “Mama, proud? Lunch!” any more (when she eats a good lunch I always tell her I’m proud…and the way she imitates me is just down right adorable!) She got her second haircut the other day and she looks so much more grown up now! All they did was even it up a bit- but that baby mullet is almost gone! eep!

With Daddy post-haircut

We went to a really cool petting zoo/farm/imagination place when we were at my mom’s for our family reunion. It was a ton of fun- C loved it! She “baa-ed” back at the baby sheep-everyone got a good laugh!

baby sheep!

She loved the hen house (actually a chicken coop with chicks of all different stages of development),  I could barely pull her away from there!

staring at the fake chicken in the top of the hen house!

C says…

These are some new things she’s saying lately that crack us up

“Actually…” We’re not totally sure where she picked this up (her BFF used to say it a lot, so we think maybe from her… 🙂 but when you ask her a question she often responds with a thoughtful pause & “actually…”. She often uses it incorrectly which makes it even more adorable.

{possibly the cutest phrase ever uttered} “Hold it to me”  a combination of “give it to me” and “I want to hold it”. It’s especially adorable because it’s usually said with a sense of urgency and delight.

Okay when I was laying awake I had a bunch more to say.. but my brain is fried so these to C-isms will have to do 🙂

With BFF A after getting some Pinkberry (Sorry it's blurry but still adorable!)

2nd Birthday Projects

alright so I’m going to attempt to give credit to all the places where I got my ideas for C’s 2nd birthday…

Some of the final products didn’t get great close up pics, unfortunately. But hey, party day goes quickly! Can’t think of everything 🙂

A couple of things I don’t have links for… I’ll start with those!

Pin the Nose on the Elmo

Pin the Nose on the Elmo!

While this probably isn’t original, I came up with it on my own, as far as I can remember. My awesome husband actually executed this one for me! We googled an image of elmo (there’s about eleventy billion on google images) and he picked one to look at while he drew. He drew the face on a piece of poster board, first in pencil, then permanent marker. We used computer paper + construction paper for the eyes, and of course, left the nose blank. He then made a “template nose” using a cup/eyeballing it. He cut out enough noses for kids in attendance. I stuck double sided tape to the backs of the noses, and labeled each one with the kid’s initals so we’d know whose nose was the closest. No blindfolds are needed when doing this with the 2 and under crowd. Some kids wanted to pull noses off, rather than leave put them on. It’s all in fun! I LOVE how this came out!

Sesame Street Lamppost

Sesame Street Lamppost

The sesame street Lamppost was made from a pringles can. I covered it with a sheet of green foam & hot glued. I used double sided tape to secure a white balloon to the top for the “light”. The sign part I somewhat cheated- I blew up the wording from her invitation to make her name. (I was running out of time!) you could easily print letters and cut & glue them though. I looked at a picture & drew/cut out the sign shape out of construction paper. Then I just used a lot of tape to stick the sign to the pringles can. Cheap and EASY!  ((A theme you will notice with my crafts!)) This one I stole from a friend, but I don’t think she blogged about it, so no link.

Tissue Paper Letter/Number on Canvas

Inspired by this post at, written by prudent baby.  This is one that I don’t have great pictures of. C’est la vie! They are in the background of this pic:

Here’s a better picture, but with a crummy camera 🙂

She uses fabric, I used wrapping paper (it was in the same aisle as the tissue paper and I was feeling lazy. 🙂 The good thing about using wrapping paper was that it was easy to remove from the canvas. The canvas looks brand new again post party and I already have another project pinned to use them! Yay for little waste!!

Her tutorial links to a how to make tissue flowers for a really cute garland. However, I must be slow but I couldn’t figure out how to make them her awesome way. So I just drew a flower on a stack of squares & cut out a flower shape.I also didn’t write my letter/number on the paper, I just eyeballed it. (I know, I know…I’m lucky this didn’t go horribly wrong!). My 2 actually looked like a “Z” for a bit, but I just kept adding flowers to round it out. 🙂

I also didn’t fold my flowers in the neat way she did. I just hot glued & smushed.

This led to some burned fingers (when does hot glue NOT lead to burned fingers…?) but I liked how quickly it went, so I suffered. 🙂

When I bought my canvas I didn’t realize it came with two in a pack,  so when i discovered that, i went ahead and made  a letter “c” to go with the “2”. I’m happy I did, they bookended my table nicely.

Tissue Paper Monogram Decoration/Photo Garland

This one I didn’t follow to closely, but I was inspired by this post at catch my party. Basically, if you want to make a nicer looking one than mine, I’d go to those links. 🙂 But mine is quicker! That’s me: quick, cheap, and easy. (wait…)

I used the left over flowers from the above tissue number/letters. I employed the same “smush  & hot glue” method. I cut my “c” out of foam board with a paring knife. It was very jagged and ugly, but fortunately you can’t tell once it was covered with flowers! (I have since invested in an exacto knife).

I originally had this hanging on my front door, but when I realized my door would just be open the whole time anyway, I moved it to the porch. I think it looked really nice with my photo garland.  I loved how this came out, though I wish I had a use for it post-party. Maybe next year I’ll make it in a more practical color 🙂

Taking photos of photos seemed pointless to the photographer of this house (B) so I don’t have a great picture of this. I was inspired by this post at i should be folding laundry (love her blog name!) Easy Peasy this one was. Again my awesome hubby actually did a lot of the leg work for me- picked the photos, picked them up from walgreens, and hole punched for me. What a guy. 🙂 I strung them with ribbon (which I had to tape together a few times, oops!) and hung them up. Last year I had photos of her framed over the year, but this was even easier, and I think it looked great!

Dorothy Centerpiece/ & The CAKE.

Finally, there was this centerpiece inspired by this post. A quick poll of my friends decided that living favors weren’t a good idea, so I made Dorothy be my centerpiece. C LOVED this, and was probably one of her favorite parts of the party (after cake). Sadly, Dorothy didn’t make it, but I’m thinking we may invest in a real fish tank and some goldfish soon, since it was such a hit!

My friend ended up decorating the cake for me because I got cold feet this year. We used M&Ms. Easy! The cake topper is from this etsy shop. I love it because now it can sit in her room as a keepsake from her 2nd Birthday!

Phew! that’s it. I think. If not, it doesn’t matter because my kid has watched WAY too much TV this morning in my desperate efforts to finally roll this post out. 🙂

{first} Pinterest Project!

So I’m due for a baby bump update but I am NOT feeling good about any pictures to share, so I’ll wait on that one!

Since I discovered Pinterest I have “pinned” 404 things over 18 boards. (as up to date as when I’m writing this anyway!) Many many many of these items are craft ideas or DIY projects that I want to do. However, pinning SO many things to remember and save means I may not EVER get around to doing all of them. However, I really want to try to actually DO some of these things, so I added a page to the blog where I put items that I have completed with links to pinterest/the blogs I found them from.

My first project (made in June, I’m behind on blogging:) was to make this wreath

that I can no longer find on MY pinboards (pinterest is still a bit buggy) but I am glad I found it so I can link to my inspiration. 🙂

There wasn’t a full tutorial, so I definitely winged this a bit.  I took some pictures along the way! This was cheap and easy! Full disclosure, I ran out of felt and hung it up anyway even though it never got fully finished. I had to move on to other projects! (doesn’t that sound just like me?) Her’s of course came out nicer, but I was on a timeline- I had birthday party projects to get to! 🙂

This is what I started with

I cut up little squares from 4 pieces of felt- I wasn’t very exact. Just tried to fold up the felt in the same size and cut!

Then I used quilters pins (though any pin would’ve worked) to push them into the wreath. I found that i needed to aim for the middle of the square, then push up kind of under the last layer of felt to get the flowery effect I was going for.

I did the blue section last (because I had run out of the red & white anyway!) This was only 2 pieces of felt.

And many pins later,


((I really ought to take a picture of mine hanging outside!!))

Please let me know if you make one! the great thing about this is that you can do it with any colors and add any embellishments. I’m thinking of using a larger wreath form next time (i found this one to be a bit small looking on my door, so it’s hanging next to it) and adding more embellishments!

What do you think?

Storyland {& 2 year Stats)

We had C’s 2 year well child visit today. First of all, when I checked in they had me make her THREE YEAR appointment. WHAT? Craziness. Anyway, She did really well, was very cooperative and got a glowing review. Our pediatrician is also pregnant, so unfortunately she won’t be around to see baby boy when he arrives. Maybe around Christmas. We love her, but I’m happy with everyone in the practice for the most part so I’m sure it will all be fine.Here are the stats:

27.6 pounds (60%)

35.5  inches tall (87%)

So, she’s tall for age. Wonder where she’s getting that from?

Anywho, as a little post birthday celebration we headed up to NH to check out Storyland. 

First Attraction enjoyed at Storyland: The Ball Pit

We had a lot of fun and I cannot wait to come back! It wasn’t very commercialized and since it’s geared for <12 year olds it was VERY family friendly. There were plenty of rides and activities for her to enjoy.

It looks like B is drowning, but really, he's in the Swan Boat with us 🙂

She had so much fun, rode all the rides with enthusiasm…she wasn’t scared at all.

She got a real kick out of the pumpkin ride!

Except for the water rides. When we walked through  SPRINKLERS she fussed. So despite the fact that it was 100 degrees (somehow we managed to plan our trip for the HOTTEST WEEKEND of the year), we rode NO water rides. Oh well. There was also a small circus (30 min) and she loved it (as did I, I am easily impressed, lol).

100 outside and she wants a stuffed animal blanket...

She did really well on the car ride,  and with all the activity, in the heat, with no nap either day. I can’t wait to go back, even though *I’m* not a fan of the drive. Cute story, when we told her we were going to Storyland, she kept saying “lib-ehy” (library) because she thought we meant story TIME. Which we haven’t done in awhile so hopefully the next time we go to the library she won’t be expecting teacups and shoe rides…

Enjoy some more pictures…

Riding the Carousel!

The shoes was one of her favorite Rides!

she LOVED driving us in the tractor...we rode it twice!

She LOVED the turtles & cried when the ride was over. Daddy didn't love it so much. We took a breather after this one! 😉 ((PS this is definitely a "before" pic :))

Bear Hat ((A tired pic from the way home))