Storyland {& 2 year Stats)

We had C’s 2 year well child visit today. First of all, when I checked in they had me make her THREE YEAR appointment. WHAT? Craziness. Anyway, She did really well, was very cooperative and got a glowing review. Our pediatrician is also pregnant, so unfortunately she won’t be around to see baby boy when he arrives. Maybe around Christmas. We love her, but I’m happy with everyone in the practice for the most part so I’m sure it will all be fine.Here are the stats:

27.6 pounds (60%)

35.5  inches tall (87%)

So, she’s tall for age. Wonder where she’s getting that from?

Anywho, as a little post birthday celebration we headed up to NH to check out Storyland. 

First Attraction enjoyed at Storyland: The Ball Pit

We had a lot of fun and I cannot wait to come back! It wasn’t very commercialized and since it’s geared for <12 year olds it was VERY family friendly. There were plenty of rides and activities for her to enjoy.

It looks like B is drowning, but really, he's in the Swan Boat with us 🙂

She had so much fun, rode all the rides with enthusiasm…she wasn’t scared at all.

She got a real kick out of the pumpkin ride!

Except for the water rides. When we walked through  SPRINKLERS she fussed. So despite the fact that it was 100 degrees (somehow we managed to plan our trip for the HOTTEST WEEKEND of the year), we rode NO water rides. Oh well. There was also a small circus (30 min) and she loved it (as did I, I am easily impressed, lol).

100 outside and she wants a stuffed animal blanket...

She did really well on the car ride,  and with all the activity, in the heat, with no nap either day. I can’t wait to go back, even though *I’m* not a fan of the drive. Cute story, when we told her we were going to Storyland, she kept saying “lib-ehy” (library) because she thought we meant story TIME. Which we haven’t done in awhile so hopefully the next time we go to the library she won’t be expecting teacups and shoe rides…

Enjoy some more pictures…

Riding the Carousel!

The shoes was one of her favorite Rides!

she LOVED driving us in the tractor...we rode it twice!

She LOVED the turtles & cried when the ride was over. Daddy didn't love it so much. We took a breather after this one! 😉 ((PS this is definitely a "before" pic :))

Bear Hat ((A tired pic from the way home))


2 responses to “Storyland {& 2 year Stats)

  1. Fun going to storyland! Have you ever been to Santa’s Village in NH? We used to love going there as kids! 🙂

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