{two and change} 25 months

Realistically I doubt that I will keep up posting  monthly updates on my two year old. However, since she happened to turn 2yrs, 1 month yesterday, and she has some cute things to say lately, I decided to go for it, this time.

I have to say, it’s like some sort of light went off right as she turned two. She’s started saying more and more surprising things, more complete thoughts, getting closer to counting to twenty correctly.. It’s crazy. Some of the not-so-great two year oldness has come out as well. Suddenly she seems deaf to her own name and stubborn in certain circumstances. But overall I’d still say she’s a winner 🙂

I was in legit tears the other night because she is growing up so fast, and I really love who she is right now. (Hormones much?). I know she’s just going to get better and better, but I was mourning that someday she won’t say, “Mama, proud? Lunch!” any more (when she eats a good lunch I always tell her I’m proud…and the way she imitates me is just down right adorable!) She got her second haircut the other day and she looks so much more grown up now! All they did was even it up a bit- but that baby mullet is almost gone! eep!

With Daddy post-haircut

We went to a really cool petting zoo/farm/imagination place when we were at my mom’s for our family reunion. It was a ton of fun- C loved it! She “baa-ed” back at the baby sheep-everyone got a good laugh!

baby sheep!

She loved the hen house (actually a chicken coop with chicks of all different stages of development),  I could barely pull her away from there!

staring at the fake chicken in the top of the hen house!

C says…

These are some new things she’s saying lately that crack us up

“Actually…” We’re not totally sure where she picked this up (her BFF used to say it a lot, so we think maybe from her… 🙂 but when you ask her a question she often responds with a thoughtful pause & “actually…”. She often uses it incorrectly which makes it even more adorable.

{possibly the cutest phrase ever uttered} “Hold it to me”  a combination of “give it to me” and “I want to hold it”. It’s especially adorable because it’s usually said with a sense of urgency and delight.

Okay when I was laying awake I had a bunch more to say.. but my brain is fried so these to C-isms will have to do 🙂

With BFF A after getting some Pinkberry (Sorry it's blurry but still adorable!)


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