{27 Weeks}

so by my calculations, Monday marked the beginning of the 3rd trimester, even though all of my pregnancy calendar thingies say that it’s the end of trimester two… But 40/3x=13.3×2=26.6… so, I’m going with Hello Third Trimester.

and, EEP. That was quick.

I keep thinking back over the last six months and wondering how it’s been six months already and how in the world did i get here so quickly?? Overall I’ve been feeling really good, in fact, most of the time how i’m feeling has more to do with the two year old in my life than the baby i’m growing! 😉 Mostly I’m just tired… somewhat from twoyearolditis… and also because I’m just not sleeping well- no big surprise!  I clearly remember sleeping better with a newborn than pregnant last time around!

27 Weeks

But, baby boy is growing and growing! I’m already “measuring ahead” although still within the “normal” range. I guess I grow big babies! I had my glucose test at my last appointment and I passed on the first try this time! Hopefully I won’t have to take it again anyway, since the nurse actually gave it to me by mistake.. It should’ve been given closer to 28 weeks. So, fingers crossed.

C and "the bump"

C definitely knows there’s a baby in my belly- but if you ask her his name she always says “mommy”! So clearly it’s not all put together just yet for her 🙂 And, Yes! We do have a name! But it’s secret for now. Or at least semi-secret. I’m trying to not tell…but B is much better at keeping it a secret than I am!!

this post has taken me all week to write! I’m feeling uninspired and very cranky lately. I honestly feel like i will be feeling better in about 12 weeks. I hope I can pull it together before then for my hubby’s sake, especially.  I’ve been praying for a lot of patience and endurance and strength (to help me potty train the two year old!) , but i think i need to ask God for a little niceness too.

I think that’s it for now… here’s a link to my 3rd trimester post from when I was pregnant with C, in case you are bored. 🙂


2 responses to “{27 Weeks}

  1. Anne- you look fabulous! I’m sure C is looking forward to having a baby brother to take care of 🙂 Boys are Great. Except for when they pee on you. Enjoy every second. – Melissa

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