{recent projects} knit, staple, spray paint, crochet!

So I’ve finally picked up my hooks and needles again, and I’ve been busy! Friday-Tuesday I’ve made 3.5 hats, 2 “newborn sacks”, and finished a scarf that i’d been working on for F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  my hands are a bit tired today! I wanted to post some of my projects. Some I have to keep secret though!

Chicken Wire Memo Board

First, this is an older pinterest project that i want to share.. I’ve been trying to get a better picture of it (AKA use something other than my iphone) but i think i better just get it posted, so sorry for the crummy pic! I used this blog as my tutorial. My personal advice after making this? Make sure you unroll your chicken wire before stapling it to the frame. I would leave it for several days with books on top of it or something- the chicken wire was difficult to work with because it kept rolling. I spray painted an old frame, so this was a very cheap DIY!

It’s hanging in my kitchen and I love it. I hung some pictures, but if i need the room I can take those down-  I love having a spot to drop something important, but it still looks kinda cute, I think!

Lady Bug Hat

One of my weekend projects: I made this lady bug hat! I originally started out making something for baby boy, but it was turning out too big. No need to pull it out and start over when I already have a 2 year old head handy! I changed it to a lady bug hat!  This post was my inspiration, though I didn’t use her pattern because I already had a red hat half made.  I may do some editing to my antenna.. I like them, but it makes it so there is a “front/back” to the hat, and since the toddler often puts things on herself on her own now, she ends up with a hat quite askew. Wouldn’t be a problem antenaless.. Anywhoo, here’s the final product. Hopefully I’ll get some better pics eventually…but i can’t pass up the time to blog when I have it!

I'm thinking about saying cheese...

I hear stirrings from the girl, so I’ll end this for now! here’s one last picture of something I “made”…she makes me smile 🙂


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