{32 Weeks!}

32 Weeks… That sounds perilously close to the end, doesn’t it?

One of my dearest friends up here in the north had her baby yesterday. That’s when reality will REALLY be setting in for me…she will have two kids…I will get to see what that’s like. I’m not sure I’m ready for HER to have her baby…let’s not mention that I will be joining her shortly!

Whenever I say that, other people tend to say oh, you still have a ways to go.. Perhaps in their minds. But I’ve already made it through 7.5 months- 1.5 to go doesn’t seem long enough!!

I had my 32 week appointment yesterday… I’m measuring a week ahead (better than 2 weeks like before!) and baby boy is head down, yay! My appointment yesterday was pretty rushed because I had to get home to take C to dance class. (the ONE time I was in a hurry at the mw, she was running late!)

Have I mentioned how much I love my midwife? If you’re a prayer, I’d definitely appreciate prayers that she would be able to attend my birth and that the labor room with the water birth tub is available when I’m in labor.Β  I was recently hospitalized for some preterm contractions (all is well!) and I found out that I can no longer labor in a regular bath tub. That was SO helpful to me when I was pregnant with C. So I’ve opted for a water birth. The downside is that if that room isn’t available, I won’t get to use it! So please pray!

Heartburn is killing me, even with my trusty tums AND zantac… Time to up the dose i guess? and I’m tired. all the time. And kind of tired of being pregnant (not that i’m ready for two kids!)…But otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good! I walked a 5k with C in the stroller on Sunday and it felt good! I actually even jogged a bit at the end. πŸ™‚ I realized how much i’ve missed running! Hopefully I’ll get back to it pretty quickly post partum… we will see!

I’m getting pretty excited for this little guy to arrive, even though having TWO is terrifying me a bit… (especially on those particularly rough 2 year old days).Β  But I’ve been browsing little boy clothes and peering in on teeny newborns when i see them… It’s getting close! I’m anxious to see what C will think!

We had to cancel doing maternity pictures because of some questionable weather. Thankfully, I have an excellent photographer for a husband πŸ™‚ So he took some shots of me the next day. We may try again another time…but seeing as I already look SO HUGE I’m not sure we will! But here are a few of my favorites…He got a lot of C that are adorable that I will put into another post πŸ™‚ I promise, more posts soon! πŸ™‚


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