{26.5 months} aka She’s Really Two Now…

for the first time ever, i had to count up how many “months” C is. She’s two, that’s all that matters!  And boy, is she ever two!! She’s been testing me a lot lately, which I know is normal, but between her and my lack of sleep… I’m at my wit’s end by the time B comes home each day. He’s so awesome because he really takes on all the duties of the evening that we usually split. He cooks, he cleans, he puts C to bed…sorry ladies, he’s taken!!! 🙂

She’s recently been into leading us places by hand- which is so cute 🙂 She’s often leading us around to something that needs to be fixed. “fix ick, dahee”. We have no idea why “it” becomes “ick”!

She’s also been a bit more “attached” lately. I don’t know if she’s anticipating the baby’s arrival or what, but things that previously didn’t phase her (like nursery drop off) have suddenly been more difficult. This is unfortunate timing since she’s just started to take dance classes where i can’t be in the room. She loves it while we are there (and I’m in the room these past weeks) but she always has a lot of fear over getting ready and going there. Currently I’m bribing her with lollipop… but i’m not sure how long we are going to keep it up. If she REALLY hated it while we  were there, I would totally pull her from the activity. But she seems to enjoy it when she’s able to get over her “leaving mama fears”.  So we will keep trying through October at least…her adorableness is what keeps me trying to keep her going… from these pics, you’d think she actually loves it 😉

We had a family fun day today though! We went to our town’s FREE petting zoo which was having a “autumn festival” thing.. It was so much fun! C thoroughly enjoyed her “tracker ride” (tractor ride) and seeing the animals in the petting zoo. 🙂

C and her craft project 🙂

There are more pictures… but i’ll have to put them up another day! 🙂 I’m tired, and it’s time for bed!!! 🙂


2 responses to “{26.5 months} aka She’s Really Two Now…

  1. She is SO stinkin cute in her leotard! I LOOOVE the first ballet pic in particular! Wall worthy for sure! 🙂

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