C says…

So I wish I could be better at remembering all the adorable things she says lately! Listening to a two year old learn language has to be one of the most entertaining things ever!

Last night, she was pointing to the letters on the wall above her bed that spell out her name… (she has known the alphabet by sight for quite sometime).. For some reason as she was saying them she said, “uh oh? Where’d J go? Where’s the J?”…there’s never been a J in her name and plenty of other letters are missing from her name so I’m not really sure what caused her to fixate on the J!

You can often hear her saying “I can’t like ___”  or “No, I can’t want ___” . Usually this is when we want her to eat something- even if it’s something she usually DOES like. But it cracks us up, because it is so dramatic, as if she is saying, “There is NO POSSIBLE WAY I could eat that!”

She often answers very enthusiastically, “Oh, um, YES! Okay, Sure.” When she means yes, you’ll know it, LOL. She’s also become very polite lately (WAHOO!). We still are working on remembering “please” but she recently has picked up on saying “No, thanks” which when you hear “no” 1000 x a day is a nice change 🙂 However, she uses it somewhat inappropriately. Like saying “no, thanks”  to things that are not really optional. “Ok, C, lay down to rinse your hair” “no, thanks!” Umm..

She’s getting more into pretend play (still only on her own, we haven’t really entered into the pretend play WITH someone yet). We often hear our words coming back to us when she is playing with her toys. “LISTEN. LISTEN. BE STILL” . If only it worked when I said it to her…

When looking at a picture from our wedding “When mommy was a princess” I was explaining that that was when Mummy and Daddy got married. And she replied “I get married, too?” aww.

We just had an excellent conversation/negotiation over the TV.  She asked SO sweetly to “please may i watch Veggie Tales?” and we couldn’t help but say yes. But Daddy was really looking forward to some football. So we told her “ONE veggie tales, then Mommy and Daddy’s turn”. And after a minute, she repeated what we said, which made me kind of chuckle so I said “Thanks for reviewing the terms C.” and she said “Germs? Football Germs?”  (she knows Germs from another show she’s watched… I know, she watches too much tv…).


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