The end is near…

39 weeks, 3 days today.

Crankopatamous is often here. I know, I know, I’m not even late yet. Prior to this pregnancy I’d often join in with thoughts of “oh, I hate when people complain about being pregnant for the ENTIRE pregnancy!” or “you’re not even late YET”. But now I know, every person and pregnancy is different and we all ought to mind our brain business and just pity anyone who is in the last month or so of pregnancy.

My pregnancy with C was MUCH easier and I really wasnt uncomfortable until the very last 2 weeks. Even though I’ve gained less weight this time (yay!) I’m Sooooo much more uncomfortable. I still feel much more “DONE” this time around.

I think maybe some of it is the holidays looming before me… I’ve done a lot of shopping already (probably too much!), but I want to decorate and do all the fun stuff that I feel too drained to do anything! and really I ought to do some laundry before I get started on anything fun.

My clothes don’t fit, I don’t sleep, and I’m definitely past the “cute” stage of pregnancy (if that even exists) and in the “wow, she looks like a whale” stage.

I think the biggest thing though, more than ANYTHING, is that I JUST.CAN’T.WAIT to meet this little guy! I’m around my friends teeny tiny baby often, and I am so jealous! 🙂 I can’t wait to hold him and snuggle him and have C meet him!

But God is in control and he knows better than I all the good things that are waiting for me on the day that I do deliver. So I’m snuggling my big girl as much as she will let me, going for long walks, talking with my awesome husband and trying to take my mind off the not so imminent birth.

But feel free to join me in praying that it happens soon. 🙂

39 Weeks!


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