He’s Here, He’s here!!

For someone who was so content to stay in my uterus, he definitely made a speedy entrance into the world!

8 lbs, 7 oz

I ended up being induced at 41 weeks, 4 days (12/2). I had wanted to avoid being induced, but in retrospect I think it was a good thing, since he came so quick! I had to ask the nurse to tell me all the times of everything because I seriously had no idea what had happened afterwards!

Last Bump Pic! 41.4 weeks!

My induction was set for 12 instead of 7 because the hospital was really busy that day. My midwife had me get there early, and basically the nurses tag teamed getting me ready for the induction because they were so busy. I have crummy veins so I won myself SEVEN needle sticks. Aren’t I lucky? When they finally got an IV in me, my induction started, about 12:50pm. My MW evaluated me before everything started and said I was about 3cm.

I had been contracting for the last 8 weeks or so on and off, so the pitocin seemed to finally get me into a regular pattern. Still felt like braxton hicks to me- just more regular. I got up to pee around 2 and when I sat down on the bed again I was like… “Did I just pee myself? nope, I think my water broke!” and sure enough it just kept coming and coming ! I was surprised that it had happened already, it made me feel good that my body was more ready than I had thought!

I had been pretty discouraged about my lack of labor all along and that coupled with being induced made me really unsure about whether or not I’d be able to endure labor without an epidural. B and I went out for a little bit the night before the induction and prayed about everything and discussed it, so i was feeling a bit better until my contractions started to hurt! Up until about 3pm I was reading/playing on my phone (even managed to post on facebook to throw people off around 2pm 😉 ) and B was editing pictures…occasionally we would look up and laugh about how weird this was that technically I was in labor but we were just hanging out… such a difference from when I was in labor with C!

Anyway, around 3 I told B that it was time to get down to business as I was getting uncomfortable. My midwife had gotten me on a physioball for the last hour and it started to be uncomfortable to be on there so I got back in the bed and she came to check me. I had progressed to 5cm, which was great, but I still felt defeated about how far i had to go. My midwife (& B) encouraged me REALLY well, giving me the push I needed to keep going. She told me to moan through my contractions, if for no other reason than to have something to “do” during the contractions- and that definitely helped!
She also encouraged me to take something to take the edge off the contractions – the same stuff I had with C- definitely seemed like a good idea to me! I got the medication about 320.

For me, the next part felt like it all happened SUPER fast– which it did. But since I was high on the Nubain I definitely have no real memory of how long this actually was. 🙂

After I got the Nubain B suggested we listen to some music on my iphone, which was great. I sort of closed my eyes in betweeen the contractions and then during them made my little moaning noise. I asked B to call for the nurse and I told them I was feeling pressure. When Katie (my midwife) appeared I told her it was probably wishful thinking but I thought I felt pressure… She watched me for a contraction and I motioned that I definitely was feeling it. So she checked me again.

And sure enough, I was 10cm! (This was at 420 pm, the next paragraph takes place in about 6 minutes) But because I was still out of it, I didnt really understand that that was what she was saying! And this whole time, I have my eyes closed…I’m not really aware of all the people coming in the room … Katie called the nurse to bring a birthing stool and get ready for delivery. And then I’m pushing the baby out without even realizing it.  So she calls again, “forget the stool, we’re having a baby!” and she barely gets her gown and everything on/everything under me. I sat myself up a little and pushed out his head- at which point I said to B “what is happening?” LOL!! he was like, “what do you mean what’s happening? You’re pushing him out!” Then they were worried he would be huge since he was so late so they had me lay down flat and push him out with my legs pushed way back- which was so weird. But he came right out and I remember I had to tell myself to open my eyes and look because the baby had come out!

So all in all, I was actually only in painful labor for an hour/hour and a half. And I only pushed maybe three times? So, I’d call that an AWESOME labor. And I am so so happy that B and my midwife were able to convince me that I could do it! I felt great after delivery, no tearing, minimal bruising and swelling.

He's here! He's Here!

D was born at 4:26pm (3.5 hours after the induction started!). He weighed in at 8 pounds, 7 oz (7 oz less than his big sister) and was 19 inches long. He pretty much nursed like a champ right away! I think his apgars were lower, like 7/9 and 8/9…as you can see his color wasn’t great right away.  But I think he was just stunned into the world!

I love this picture...even though i'm still high looking...

Big sister is pretty uninterested and this picture is the closest she’s been to him in 3 days. She thinks he’s SO CUTE (she declares it every time she notices him) but otherwise is too occupied with the grandparents who are visiting to notice him. 🙂

I’m so very happy to not be celebrating 42 weeks of pregnancy today, and am instead happily snuggling my newborn son. 🙂 We are home and settling in, hopefully I’ll post some more pictures soon! Daddy has gotten some great ones!


6 responses to “He’s Here, He’s here!!

  1. Congratulations, Anne! (and B & C, too!) He’s gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more of the pics Brian got! Love that it was a fast labor for you and that you have little recovery needed! Jealous! Hopefully it will be that easy for me the next time around. (I can dream, right?)

  2. Yeah! I’m glad you got to write down so quickly- I’ve been dying to know how it all transpired. Love your caption on the last pic- haha! 🙂

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