I’d forgotten…

How much I love…

…nursing a newborn. He’s so content while eating. He’s not interested in anything else in the world yet, so it’s super peaceful.

…the “marsupial” stage. He just snuggles up as small as can be like my little koala bear. Sometimes he will grasp my shirt or necklace, which makes him look even more koala bear like.

…much they change! 9 days old & he’s already so much more alert than a week ago! He’s gaining weight (back 8#2oz at his 6 day weight check), he’s slowly starting to “uncurl” from that squished up position he had to maintain in my uterus.

…soft newborns are! I can’t help but rub my cheek on his face pretty much all the time just to feel his velvety skin! So different than the (also awesome) two year old kisses i’m used to. 🙂

…tiny they are! he’s sooooo small. And it seems even more small next to my now ginormous two year old. When I rock her after rocking him,.. I’m just astounded. It makes me feel like she’s practically a teenager! (hold me!)

…how sweet every little facial expression, noise, even every toot, is.

…how much I absolutely love this stage!

I’d forgotten.


3 responses to “I’d forgotten…

  1. How sweet! Love this post…. I can’t wait to have my very own snuggly newborn again! Yay!

  2. Isn’t it amazing? I remember how gigantic Benjamin’s head looked when Timmy was born. All of a sudden I realized how big he was, and how far we’d come. Enjoy every minute – they fly! 🙂

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