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“stir dirt” time (desert time!)



D {2 Months…ok, 2.5}

I better bang out this post before he gets to be 12 weeks on Friday!!:)

2 Month Stats

11.6 pounds (50th percentile)

22.3 in long (26 percentile- we’re short!)

Head Circumference-16in (68th percentile- big head, short body:))

He continues to not sleep through the night… I continue to be a zombie and a coffee addict.

He’s getting more and more smiley. He loves his play gym thing and his bouncy chair– he looks so proud of himself when he moves a toy.

He isn’t very chatty-he mainly reserves his cooing for when he is eating, and when your attention is solely on him. (*which as a second child, is probably only 15 minutes a day… poor guy) But when he’s chatty, it’s super cute!

He often looks tense when he’s drifting off to sleep- like he has his little “dukes” up (looking ready to box). It’s quite charming!

Speaking of charming- I brought him to my hair appointment this week and the ladies at the salon just loved him- but apparently, he prefers blondes! He was very smiley at a “marilyn-esque” picture  the whole time we were there. 🙂

He’s so cute… 🙂

And lastly, a comparison:

More next time! *maybe* 🙂