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Some C pictures






We went to some local touch a truck events and she absolutely loved it! D was not a fan of everyone honkin the horns!

After nap one day I found her dressed as snow white-fire fighter princess 🙂

I love this kid!


{D} 5 Months Old!

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So I’m totally behind on keeping up with the blog. And with my little guy’s progress!

Here’s the scoop! He’s the sweetest, happiest baby. He hardly makes a peep. I can’t complain. Except for that whole sleeping through the night thing. But hey, no one is perfect! 🙂

He rolled (tummy to back) a few times one day just after he turned 4 months- but he hasn’t done it again! And he rolls all the way on his side (back-belly) but not all the way over.

He LOVES his mama, he tolerates tummy time… He does well on long Car trips, we discovered last weekend. 🙂

Here’s the pics from 4 months that I never posted… (okay, and apparently the 5 month ones posted again here too… technical difficulties!)

Trying to be better at keeping up!!! 🙂


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When I write “California” I hear it like that 2Pac Song… That’s bad, isn’t it…?

We visited some dear dear friends and had a blast! It was challenging traveling across time zones with a two year old (the 3 month old doesn’t sleep anyway…)… add in potty training… this trip had its moments but over all we were absolutely blessed and really enjoyed ourselves.  The highlights were definitely seeing old friends and Disneyland.

Sorry for the brief posts but hey, at least i’m getting some of them out there! 🙂

(we also visited the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park… in case you couldn’t tell!)


and sorry that some of the pictures may repeat… I started to post this over a month ago. If I don’t hit “publish” now, it’s obviously never going to get done! 🙂