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D {6 Months Old!}

Well, these pictures were closer taken closer to 6 months!!

at 6.5 months…

Lil Nugget (not really sure why this is what I call him…) is just so sweet and snuggly. He still loves his momma milk, but he’s learning to love food, too! Definite Favorite: Bananas. I can add Bananas to anything and he will eat it (so far!). He’s a bit picky about texture, but I am seeing him improve in that already!

So far he’s had: the big winner, bananas, carrots, peas, green beans, and today: Avocado! Avocado is the first that I’ve gotten him to eat without mixing it with anything else so, win!

He had his 6 month check up and while he hadn’t hit all of his milestones, the pediatrician wasn’t concerned. And today, just a week or so later, he has started to wobbly sit and roll over!! Lil man was about 17 pounds, He’s got some lovely rolls that you just want to gnaw on!

No teeth…any day now! He’s not too fussy though, so i wonder if it will be awhile. 🙂

He’s so sweet, which is why he gets away with not sleeping through the night… he hardly makes a peep in the day! I love my lil nugget!!







Storyland 2012

No time to post! Just enjoy the pictures! We had a great time 🙂

{C says…}

“Pentagons have 5 sides… Ovals have no Tangles” (meaning no ANGLES!)

“I want to sleep in my package!”  (meaning the pack and play… we don’t make her sleep in boxes!)

“Mumma, sing me a love-a-by!”

“I’m ready to roll!”(frequent quote as we go out the door)

“The vegetables are very friendly ” (about animitronic veggies at Storyland)

She now attempts to tell jokes… “knocknockwhostherebooboowhoohnodontcry!” ha!

“it’s okay mom, i gotcha”  (ooookay? I was sitting in the seat in front of her.. wasn’t aware i needed “getting” LOL)

at every red light : RED- STOP!

and when it turns green: GREEN-GOooooO!

And today when turning Left on Red but with a green arrow: no, I need a GREEN light. NO go. It WAS RED. (the nuances of driving law are lost on her ;))

I told C we were having a Barbecue for lunch and she asked me if I had bar-b-cubes in my purse. Then she insisted she couldn’t have a burger because she was having barbcubes.

Recent Freaked out over the physics of stickiness. Dude, I promise, a new band aid will not work ANY BETTER than your last one did in the bathtub!!

That’s all I can remember for now! 🙂